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Present day rebellion

| Is it just me, are have there been a lot more riots lately? France, Venezuela, Brasil. Maybe it's because I'm young. I was only a kid during the Arab Spring. But in any case, what do you think of all this?

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Read and understand "the capital" vol. 1-3 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
Also have a closer look on the historical-economic developments since ~1500, especially around the following mentionable events:
- renaissance
- discovery of america (caused by the ottoman blockade)
- european imperialism in america, africa and asia
- reformation, american independence and french revolution
- industrialization
- WW1, WW2 and Cold War.
You'll see historical materialism is a thing.

| To exlain in short:
The ancient and medieval feudalism started disappearing slowly since 1500. In feudalism, those who owned land were those who had the power. But with beginning globalization and technological advance, this power factor lost continuously its relevance. Most of the ruling monarchs, nobles and clerics failed to fit and got threatened by a new class: The bourgeoisie. They became powerful by ownership of production means and trade, slowly replacing the old elites.

| meh, just some more revolts, nothing out of ordinary. We still have to wait for some real revolutution.

| But this development did not occur the same way and not at the same time everywhere in the world. In some countries the old elites managed to stay a little longer (germany, japan, etc.), in other countries they were directly dethroned by movements that were far ahead of their time (russia, china, etc.). And in other countries there still are Monarchs and Clerics in Power (Arabia, Iran, etc.).
Meanwhile technological advance comes to a critical point in advanced countries.

| The Advance of Information Technology accelerated globalization massively and made the mentioned differences, with all their unfairness, in the world visible to a lot of people. Those who are privileged are afraid to loose their privileges, those who are not want to have some. On the other hand technological automation (AI) now even threatens peoples existences in privileged countries. It's a manifestation of the inner contradictions of capitalism as described by marx and engels.

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There is no "we have to wait". It's no automatism. We've already experienced that things may go into a totally different direction, like in the so called "third reich", the soviet union or (still recent) in china.
A revolution must be done. It must be planned/organized. That's why we need to elevate peoples class consciousness over all other identity-political aberrations by the bourgeois left and right parties (nationality, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc.)

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