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New York man jailed for eight years for strangling, beheading woman he met on dating app in Japan

| An American man who murdered and beheaded a Japanese woman he met on an online dating app has been sentenced to eight years in prison, according to reports.

Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, of Long Island, New York, was sentenced on Tuesday in a Japanese court after reportedly admitting to strangling Saki Kondo, 27, in February 2018 at an apartment he'd rented while sightseeing in Osaka.

| Bayraktar, 27, was not indicted for murder in the case, because prosecutors could not prove that he had set out with the intention to kill Kondo. He was instead charged and found guilty of manslaughter and abandoning a body.


| oh god, that was little bit excessive isn't it?

| around gaijin never relax

| it seems USA military or surrounding of the USA military base in Japan always a place to be a potential of crime and raping done by the people in the base. I don't know why Japan still have to put up with this kind of delinquent act done by other forces on their countries still be tolerated

| the dream - if he hadn't been caught however, there's the hitch.

| >beheaded woman
>"uhh, we can't prove if he actually did it or whatever, so he might not be guilty lole"
What a joke.

| Oh no, wait, sorry, I misread.
>prosecutors could not prove he had the intention to kill.
>cut her body with a saw to biry in different cities
This is even worse.

| >>525551
thankfully 8 years isn't a lot, he'll be out by 2027

| >>525551 more like
>when he scheduled the date he had not yet planned to kill her
>gets saddled with a lesser punishment but still a pretty bad one
still not justified but understandable

| This brings up an interesting question though. There's a lot of people out there using dating apps. It makes it seem as though we're just collecting potential victims in one place for spoopy murderers and predators and whatnot. Thoughts?

| Fucking boring entertainment yellow press news. FOX-News: Media by stupid and for stupid people. Nothing but cheap sensationalism to distract people from issues that are actually more relevant to people.

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