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Vuvuzela: Maduro's dictatorship finally crumbling

| https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/01/23/americas/venezuela-protests/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fedition.cnn.com%2Famericas%2Flive-news%2Fvenezuela-protests-2019%2Findex.html

| Maduro, dictator of Venezuela, defiantly mantains himself in power. Meanwhile, the National Assembly, the last bastion of resistance against his regime, declare him a usurper and proclaim the Assembly President as the Interim President of the country, something that is tecognized by all countries that aren't dictatorships or supporters of dictatorships.

| The remaining people who haven't left the country already, as well as forner supporters of Maduro all gather to protest, as the imminent risk of sparking a civil war grows steadily.

| Maduro is a failure, but I doubt the opposition is any better.
Also it's interesting which criteria the so-called "western democracies" have to distinguish between good and bad dictatorships. So for the record:
Erdogan, Ibn Salman, Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinpin are good ones and Putin, Maduro and Castro are bad ones, right?
In the end it's never about values like liberty, democracy or human rights, but always about geopolitics and economics. Fucking hypocrites.

| I really wish the USA will experience their second Vietnam. At the same time I hope the people of Venezuela don't have to go through this hell.
The so called "socialist" government failed to make the economy independent from oil or a least from oil refining. They also underestimated the willingness of USAs citizens to ecological destroy their country for the sake of fossil fuel (fracking).
Finally: Socialism in one country/nation (=national socialism?) is stupid and doesn't work!

| >>524159
abolish politics

| I mean.
the opposition is calling for a new election and not saying he's the real one.
I'm against regime change and US interventionism. But this I don't know how to completely feel.

| >>524161
The US would have no such trouble fighting in its own backyard rather than someone else's.

| >>524181
You forgot about los alamos, didn't you?

And btw. mother russia already has nuclear bombers in this "backyard":

Also mentionable: Our beloved and well prepared comrades in China (known for producing most of the computer-stuff we are much dependent on) probably will support maduros regime.

Even thought these people aren't the nicest guys, my sympathy for the USA is equally low.

| >>524193

What am I supposedly forgetting about the laboratory which invented the atomic bomb? Or are you referring to the battle in which ~260 Texans killed 600 Mexicans?

If you believe Russia would start nuclear war over Venezuela you're deluded. Why would it be worth that much to Putin when a nice, protracted bloody struggle would be a far better diversion?

Even with China, it comes down to the fact that you're not worth full commitment to what would become WWIII.

| >>524294
>If you believe Russia would start nuclear war over Venezuela
Not about Venezuela and even less about "socialism". But about geotactical advantages. Funfact: Fidel Castro was not a "communist" from the beginning. He asked for support from the USA to get rid of their puppet dicator Batista. Because the USA refused this, the cuban revolutionaries had no choice but to ask the soviets. And the soviets only accepted because for geotactical reasons.

| >What am I supposedly forgetting about the laboratory which invented the atomic bomb? Or are you referring to the battle in which ~260 Texans killed 600 Mexicans?
Sorry, I misspelled. Ofc. I meant the "battle of Alamo" where 1800 mexicans destroyed an US-Amercian fort and killed almost the whole garrison of ~260 People.
Even thought the mexican casualties were absolute higher (as you mentioned), relatively it was an annihilating victory.

| >>524416
>Even thought the mexican casualties were absolute higher (as you mentioned), relatively it was an annihilating victory.
Btw. also in the Vietnam war the USA "only" lost ~50k soldiers, while north-vietnam lost ~800k soldiers (+65k-182k civilians, number still increasing thanks to chemical weapons and land mines). Nevertheless the USA lost. Unfortunately it had not really serious consequences for the responsible people in USA. It rather had positive effects for US society.

| Sukeban Game in Venezuela
Their lives will be affected more or less.

[N1RV Ann-A Cyberpunk bartenter action]
2020 coming soon

| >>524468 If the situation on Venezuela gets worse, that means more material to work with.

| >>524509
Assuming they don't die...
luckily they're in Japan rn

| >>524514
I think that Venezuela could be the spark that make the world explode. China, which is an ally of the "socialist" government in Venezuela, is pretty close to japan. Also Japan struggles massively with its demography. The world has become a powder keg. It only needs a spark to make it explode. It's not like we've not already been there...

| >>524538 china still pretty much hate japan, but yeah i doubt china will wage a war that possibly ruin their economy, chinese don't want to lose western invest by bombing japan which is and ally of USA

| >>524538 everything is a fucking keg if the person in charge of a large country is a warmonger, just like Russia, even though media potray putin as warmonger individual doubt he have balls to wage a long war against NATO or any western pact before Russia start running off the money they have

| >>524545
The US has an agreement that any attack on Japan will be treated as an attack on the US. They won't do it. It's Mutually Assured Destruction. At best there will be a proxy war in Venezuela. If the US was actually smart though since we're friends with Saudi Arabia could have them fund Muslim Jihadists in China since they have that issue going on. China can't really do as much as they want people to think they can...

| ...While China holds a massive amount of US debt, it's ultimately meaningless since selling it will lower the Yuan value as well. Lowered too much and other countries will devest from China since their deals are now weighed against them. It also takes a long time to sell these debts they have and the US can basically prepare itself and mitigate any damage.
If they remove the US companies then they'll have a spike of unemployment, idle minds and hands don't do well for communists.

| The good cop and bad cop team up under the orders of the corrupt chief of police, in order to bust the evil cartel and take over their operations.

| You all have to much trust in world leaders/elites reasonably. And you dramatically underestimate the necessity of military escalation in a limited, capitalist world.

| Can't wait for us backed regime change. Always been good for Latin America.

| >>524680 you worry to much, that even capitalist think an all out war like WW3 not much having benefit on economy

| >>524580 Have you seen how the Chinese treats Uyghurs? Fucking regular mobile check-ups for any religious materials or it's off to the human experiments lab.

| >>e86d42 Do you live in China?
You don't really know anything
regular mobile check-ups is perfectly normal procedure
As for human experiments(WTF??Where did you hear that jokeļ¼‰
Do you think China is so radical?
As a Chinese, I don't think so.

| >>524838
>As a Chinese, I don't think so.
Then try thinking again as a human beeing. Because the way you thought is obviously biased.

| >>524755
WW1 and WW2 were VERY benefital for some capitalists. Also capitalists actions are not driven by "benefit for economy" as a whole but about making their capital grow. The portrayal of an adventeruous and innovating enterpreneur is nothing but an image campaign. In fact they are tricky, sneaky, greedy immoralists. They have to be like that, because the system is designed that way.
>The Capitalists Will Sell Us the Rope with Which We Will Hang Them
A communist saying

| >>524838 Because people who live in China are going to know more than outsiders. What's that? The Great Firewall? It's not made out of fire you fucking, mong. Do you live in China?
Also, mobile checkups are a regular thing. What the fuck.

| >>506758
Your lawn doesn't need neighbors to worry about its smoothness, does it?
(Not to mention residents several blocks away.)
About The Great Firewall
It's a wonderful thing
It effectively stopped some fools from going to outside Internet to start a netwar.(And Scolding war)shut down GooglePlay FaceBook Twitter is a wise move.
That shit about religion
I don't believe in any religion
Our land, our laws.
No reason is needed

| >>525200
You make your children slaves for the US corporations. And if you don't consent you lose your credit score and get barred from good education.
You're a colony and the people in charge are pofitting on your back.

| >>525025
>WW1 and WW2 were VERY benefital for some capitalists.
"Das Reich verging, doch die Reichen blieben die gleichen"
german saying, translated into en: "The Empire fell, but the rich stayed the same".
It's just catchier in german because "die Reichen" (the rich) is similiar to "das Reich" (the Empire) and rhymes to "die gleichen" (the same)

| >>525025
>The Capitalists Will Sell Us the Rope with Which We Will Hang Ourself
-USSS that build and killed by communism with all what left being fucked even more cuz noone was ready to capitalism.

| Like Iran, Syria... EEUU is going for the oil and fuck the people in general.

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