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Sony will move its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands to avoid disruptions caused

| The company said the move would help it avoid customs issues tied to Britain's exit from the EU.

Despite the move, Sony won't shift personnel and operations from the existing UK operations.

It is the latest Japanese company to flag a move to the continent in response to Brexit.

And on Tuesday appliance maker Dyson announced it was moving its headquarters to Singapore, from Malmesbury in Wiltshire, although it said it had nothing to do with Brexit.

| In a statement Sony said the move would mean "we can continue our business as usual without disruption once the UK leaves the EU. All our existing European business functions, facilities, departments, sites and location of our people will remain unchanged from today."

Sony spokesperson Takashi Iida said the move would make Sony a "company based in the EU" so the common customs procedures will apply to Sony's European operations after Britain leaves the bloc.

| Sony's rival Panasonic has already moved its headquarters to Amsterdam, mostly because of tax issues potentially created by Brexit.


| Now, instead of flooding because of rain, the headquaters will flood because the ocean.

| brexit is fucking retarded

| The way Brexit has been executed is fucking retarded. May is a useless cunt propped up to take the blow, & that only becuase nobody short of Rees-Mogg wanted to step up & deal with the mess.

| >>524180
I'm glad that europe finally got rid of this angle saxon scum. The next step would be to leave the NATO and close the US military bases. Ami go home!
UK and USA were the most driving forces behind the stupid intervention in Iraq.
Next step would be to get rid of poland, hungary and all these other central/eastern european assholes. They were much more bearable as soviet satelites. Every day it becomes more obvious the USSR (+Jugo) wasn't the worst thing for mankind.

| Brexit in it's origination was fucking stupid. Globalization has given the world one of the most peaceful and productive eras of all of human history. Nationalism and separatism is a threat to the quality of life and peace everywhere.

I hope Britain tanks so hard they wish this never happened.

| >>524194 which intervention in Iraq are you talking about? With the mention of British support, I'm lead to beleive youre talking about the Gulf War.

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Yeah, it was the "coalition of the willed". The deciding politicians all belong to the International Criminal Court, getting a trial for war crime, breaking international law, etc. Also all the people who supported them deserved to live in misery and poverty for decades.

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Th European Union is fucking stupid in its organization. The Euro boosts German & French exports while crippling poorer states' ability to manage crises like those in southern Europe, which would've been far less severe if those countries could've devalued their currency. The free trade area similarly allows Germany to saturate Eastern Europe with its artificially cheap products, hobbling the development of local industry.


| Then a portion of the revenue is paid to those states in subsidies. That system in & of itself is already economic colonialism.

Moreover, now that the industrial expansion those countries could have benefitted from over the years has been traded for subsidies, those subsidies are to be used to chain those countries to colonial rule. Under the new sanctions law the EU is trying to pass, Western Europe could unilaterally sanction countries who step out of line.


| Sauce for proposed new EU law, in line with the new rule.


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