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Brazil: Bolsonaro stumbles over corruption affair

| A new scandal shows the true nature of the new fascist regime in Brazil: The son of Brazils new leader Jair Bolsonaro, Flavio Bolsonaro, is involved in a corruption affair. This illustrates the hypocrisy behind Jair Bolsonaros announcement to "purge" the country from corruption (alongside with oppositionists).

| "facist regime"... Christ, what a load of horse shit. Also, OP is a faggot.

| His son isn't him. Now fuck off.

| Bolsonaro learned Mitosis, like any good president does.

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I agree: This regime is a load of horse shit, indeed.
Also there is nothing bad about being gay, except you have to deal with retarded people that are "against it".

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mitochondriac is a horse in jail.

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But it's interesting that Jair Bolsonaro, who promised to fight against corruption did not say anything about his sons corruption affair. And no, I won't "shut up". What you're gonna do? Register me for the announced brazilian guantanamo torture camp? It's just a question of time until the dumbest of the dumbest sheep understood that they elected their own butcher.

LOL, captcha says:
mercy lula graft

| So on the one hand, his son being involved in a corruption scandal does semd the wrong message. But the fact that he is allowing the investigation and not abusing power to protect his son from this is also promising.

| His son being corrupt strongly implies the father is too. Flavio's career in politics only happened because of Jair, and he even had a job in the father's office in Brasilia (where he got a fuck ton of public money) while in college in Rio, a 2h flight away. This whole situation is probably gonna explode, I just hope Brazil's institutions are strong enough to maintain democracy during the shitshow that's gonna happen.
Not even a month of this new government and it's falling apart

| Por favor, me digam que vocês são brasileiros, porque a coisa mais insuportável do mundo seria gringo discutindo sobre a nossa política kkkkkk

| >>524672 it isn't affecting the President in the slightest. In fact he declared, word by word, that if his son is indeed involved and has debts to pay with the Justice that he will, and that there won"t be any interference with the investigations. So no, there isn't any crisis within the central government like the op claims and nothing will explode.

| >>524710 a maioria pelo jeito não é.

| >>524710 Well, I'm from Argentina, and I have some relatives there. So far, only said that he reproduces like an unicellular organism.

| >>524710 What's the matter?
Please, can you speak English in this forum? Thank you.

| >>fbc2b4

| >>524710 Não vejo problema, eu gosto de saber da política de todo lugar e não vejo pq gente de fora daqui não poderia fazer o mesmo



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As a human being and an internationalist living in a globalized world I am not only allowed to judge any government in the world but I have to.

Also, you could see "foreign" opinions as an enrichment for the discourse.
Else you end up like the stupid US-American masses who falsely believe their country is (or should be) the best and everyone in the world likes and looks up to them.

best regards
a "gringo"

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If you dont want to see gringos talking about brazil politics, gtfo of the internet. This is a globalized tool that allows people to share opinions, even tho you dont ask for them or care, see>>525131

| >>525131 'The world is bad therefore I also must be'

| With the international press condemning bolsonaro it's no wonder the minions will be saying that being foreign invalidates your views

| I see lots of problems with Bolsonaro, but I still wonder if leftists would rise against Haddad if he had become president and gave a speech supporting the Venezuelan dictatorship or something.

Also, Why talk about politics all the time? Doesnt this kind of shit always burns more bridges between people than it builds? You guys dont need to spend your daily lives fighting over this shit, however fucked up it may sound to you. Just take a break,a step back and breathe.

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This doesn't make any sense What exactly is "bad" about >>1069de statements?

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>I still wonder if leftists would rise against Haddad if he had become president and gave a speech supporting the Venezuelan dictatorship or something.
Well history teached that the options for third world countries that "allowed" by the western countries, most prominently the USA, was not always the best. Even thought Maduro is a douchebag, I doubt the opposition is any better.
>He may be a bastard, but he is our bastard
summary of US foreign policy

| >>525411 If you don't even try to analyze it I won't waste my time.

| >>525423
I tried to. I don't get if you think if it is "bad"...
...to be internationalist (or cosmopolite)
...to have a critical view on governments
...welcome other opinions in a debate
...criticize US politics and/or society

I basically share all of this points and want to know which of them (or which I missed to see) you find making someone a "bad" person.

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