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The Yellow Vest Movement Has Gone Global And Nothing Can Stop This Now

| The Yellow Vest anti-government movement started in France on November 17, when over 300,000 people across France protested a carbon tax on fuel that French President Emmanuel Macron touted as evidence of France's leadership when it comes to mitigating climate change.

The Yellow Vest protests quickly evolved into a general anti-government movement - with hundreds of thousands of angry French citizens

| taking to the streets for ten straight weeks of mostly peaceful protests marked with pockets of violence, looting and mayhem.

What's more - the movement has gone worldwide - with perhaps the most notable protests outside France taking place in Belgium, where Brussels riot cops have dealt with week after week of protesters blocking oil depot and throwing hard objects at them.


| gay

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrdPchnAR60

| yeah sure, let's demand higher taxes and then complain when surprise surprise they make life awful. French people want a social net for free and the people that voted for it are not mentally capable of understanding that things cost money, especially when it's paid through tax money a state can collect off the top for itself. god, socialists are fucking stupid.

| >>523973 I don't think socialism is the problem. I think socialists thinking that socialism can work in the current environment is the problem. There needs to be a radical change to the system at large and the way people treat politics for socialism to ever work.

| >>524015
In my estimation the problem is that they don't want to make socialism work, they want it to work for them.

| >>524179 This. So much this. Number one rule of economics, and is true across capitalism, communism, anarchism, etc. is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody has to pay for it. And the bigger the lunch, the more has to br paid. Consequences and Responsibility, two great lessons that need to be learned.

| Viva la revolucion

| >>524240 RevoluciĆ³n. Las palabras agudas que terminan en "n", "s" o vocal llevan tilde.

| The movement didn't start with 300000 people. It started with two truck drivers. Then stupid people followed.

| I live in Canada, and it's pretty big here. The Liberal's carbon tax is just about the worst thing they could have done to our economy, and it's showing. Coupled with this stupid minimum wage hike and the smoller business I work for is struggling to stay afloat. Yellow Vest protests have broken out across the country, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and I'll travel hours to attend one. But Trudeau has never listened to the western provinces, and will do whatever he wants...

| >>524249 Viva el analfabetismo

| It started off good but its been getting slowly hijacked by the far right abroad. Also zero hedge is a dubious source even if a broken clock is right twice a day.

| This is just a nice case of mass hysteria.

The main problem here is that it was over nothing. Just think about what will happen in a couple of years from now with the real oil crisis hits.

The general retarded populace sure is scary...

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