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Article 13 canceled

| https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20190118/11062441423/eu-cancels-final-negotiations-eu-copyright-directive-as-it-becomes-clear-there-isnt-enough-support.shtml

| Tfw you weren't affected by article 13 in the first place

| >>522847

| yay


| And now we wait on a stealthier article proposing the same (or worse, probably).

| Let's just hope it gets scrapped because the EU doesn't seem like they have a clue on what they're voting on sometimes.

| >>523184 Shh, don't let people know, they like their blissful ignorance

| The internet wins again, take that nornies!

| >>523513 The internet died long ago and you "normies" never understood that.

| Can't wait for new shitpost wave on reddit.

| Was this that law they were trying to establish where europeans weren't able to save memes due to copyright anymore? That news is ancient. I'm surprised they just dealt with this retarded law now

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This thread is permanently archived