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left > right


| and?

| none > right = left

| none > center = right

| < left
> right
^ up
v down

| Anything > the USA

| up up down down left right left right B A

| ^^vv<><>BA

| put me up
put me down
put my feet back on the ground...

| are we discussing socks?
i HATE left socks

| >>520868 the only good ideology

| https://www.dailywire.com/news/16850/study-weak-men-more-likely-be-socialists-amanda-prestigiacomo




| >>521151
If this isn't pure ideology. Just look how exited he is about his own talking.

| >>521151
I already read about studies that "found out" that little dogs lift their leg higher when pissing than big dogs, that sound more serious and relevant than this.

| >>521151
Well, and FOX is not really known for being an interest independent voice of reason and for facts. They clearly are a propaganda channel to advertise rich peoples interests politics behind a mask of mass-compatible conservative opium. To them even a general public health insurance is evil "socialism", even thought it exists all over the capitalist world - and for a good reason.

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This thread is permanently archived