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Brazil: public chaos and regime disunity

| This may be the foreplay for the announced "purge" by the fascists that recently came into power in brazil:

On the other hand confusion in among the nationalist and militarist regime supporters about the presidents plan to open Brazil for the US-Military:

| >implying this shit didn't happen before
I'm waiting to see the trash be disposed

| >>520454
So you're waiting for a regime overthrow?

| These are all fake.

| >>520608
You can hate them all you want, but you shouldn't put them above fucking drug dealers in the trash pyramid.

| >>520643
No need to put them there, since they are on the top of trash pyramid by definition.

| >>520671
And literal criminals that directly take part in spreading misery and violence aren't?

| The socialist losers will keep on crying and barking, trying to come up with bullshit excuses for their defeat that isn't because of their own incompetence and corruption, or their responsibility on the record crime wave and unemployment. Because that's all they can do now, now that they're thankfullh powerless.

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This thread is permanently archived