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liberalism is dying

| Thats a strange situation liberalism is currently having. It has defeated all formal enemies: fascism, monarchy (cuz it literally has no power nowadays), and, finally, communism. Though, on the other hand, it is failing and starts getting less popular, as it goes radically left, getting more radfeministic, tolerant (actually, it just gets untolerant to white cisgender males), etc. Its fate is defined already - liberalism is gonna fall, eve though its not dead yet.

| It is dying in agony. Pretty much painful (for normal [by that i mean majority - sexual and national] people), but agony. So, the question is, whats next? Something is going to happen, something new. Im pretty much sure that going back to monarchy, fascism etc would gonna be just a delay of creation that new ideology.

Tho maybe its just me, and everything i wrote is total bullshit.
Plus, i have to apologize for being not able to speak english well

| Classic liberalism has not been applied for a while now. If you want a political lesson, here's a quick one. Political ideologies have long started blurring the lines between each other since the mid half of the 20th century. Even down to "Socialist" countries Marxism melted into either liberalism or radical conservatism.

I also feel like the feminist-left, as I guess I could call it, is way overblown out of proportions. At this point they're a bogeyman to hide real issues.

| and that's a good thing
Don't mind me, I'm just waiting for monarchy to come back.

| People, especially in the USA, should learn to distinguish between economical liberalism and social/cultural liberalism. It's by far not the same thing.
I want to live in a liberal society, but it is obvious that a liberal economy can't provide it on the long term as it increases the gap between the poor and the rich, which is the core of all kind authoritarianism rising. Lots of people long for "good old times" (that never existed that way), a simple worldview and leadership.

| >>520089
>the feminist-left, as I guess I could call it, is way overblown
What you (and too many others) mistake for the "feminist-left" is in fact "bourgeois" feminism. It is mostly about equality of privileged white women to privileged white men. The majority of women doesn't benefit of this kind of feminism. What they need are higher wages in their jobs and more social security for the case of pregnancy, that does NOT rely on marrying a guy with high income.

| i celebrate that lethal agony.

| i don't think radical feminism is in any way a problem. it seems like it's running rampant, but they're a really small group speaking through social media loudspeakers.

| >>520255 but that's the problem. we should never give them any voice whatsoever in the first place.

| If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.
This world is very old. It must turn to conservatism.

| >>520308
When it comes to economy/social politcs liberalism and conservatism (even far-right) are very much the same bourgeois pro-capitalist reactionists. They are both equally and only opposed by socialism/communism.
Also originally your citation was about communism vs conservatism. (allegedly from Churchill)
Let me counter this:

| It's hard to see hope in socialism, if your're used to give up hope in capitalism.
It's hard to see the humane in socialism, if you're used to allow the inhumane in capitalism.
It's hard to see the solution in socialism, if you are used to not expect a solution in capitalism.
It's hard to see the answer in socialism, if you are used to not question things in capitalism.
It's hard to see the future in socialism, if you are used to live in the past in capitalism.

| >>520299
>'we should never give them any voice in the first place'
>gets shut down by SJW media
>mUH 1St AMenDmEnt aLL sH0u!D [email protected] FRe3lY

| >>520382 Socialism and communism systems are part of the liberal spectrum though?

| >>520424
No, they aren't. They are a spectrum on their own, opposing bourgois reactionists including liberals, conservatives and their unloved nazist, fascist and religious fundamentalists, extremist children. Just look at the governments of the world: They are majorly socially conservatives and economic liberals going from crisis to crisis with a continuous drift to the right. Don't let the "liberal left" a.k.a. the "stupid left" fool you about what really is.

| Liberalism has aged itself out. As it crumbles it must be replaced with something that doesn't go back to a previous social arrangement. If you were actually paying attention, fascism and ethnonationalism are on the rise is so-called liberal societies, which is to say they are going far right. Your speel on feminism is just a boogeyman for those who wish to go in this direction. This shift is not positive at all and should be fought against but not with liberalism which caused it.

| >>520423
there goes the leftie. don't worry, you're losing on all fronts.

| >>520448
>Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.
The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. Karl Marx 1852

| >>520506 Sure, fag. Talk shit more. What a fucking nigger to not even register their own hypocrisy.
P.S: I'm no leftie, dipshit.

| >>520520
there goes the leftie. don't worry, you're losing on all fronts.

| >>520047 Liberal Democracy is rotting precisely because it has overcome opposition. Over time people often tend to take the benefits of their system for granted & without having experienced an alternative its faults are lost upon them. Furthermore, people tend to define things in contrast, they need an enemy. With nothing to unify its adherents & nothing to oppose but itself, liberal democracy was doomed.

| I've posted about this before, but the same phenomenon is observable with Catholicism in Ireland. South of the border its moral authority collapsed after streams of pedophilia scandals, but in Ulster Catholic fervor is still quite powerful in many areas. This is because of the sectarian strife between Catholicism & Anglicanism, & the parallel opposition between republicans & unionists.

| >>eae379 here btw.

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