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London mosque cancels Holocaust exhibition after Muslim protest

| The Centre for Islamic Understanding in Golders Green reportedly abandoned plan to honor Muslims who saved Jews during the Holocaust after some protesters marked the event’s links with Yad Vashem

It abandoned the plan after some Muslims protested the planned event’s links with Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum, the Jewish News of London reported Friday.

Calls for a boycott were spearheaded by Roshan Salih, editor of the British Muslim news site 5 Pillars.

| “Commemorations must never be done in conjunction with Israeli oppressors or their supporters,” he said. In response to the cancellation, he wrote that the mosque “is to be commended for responding to community concerns.”

Jews who helped community leaders at the mosque set up the exhibition had said prior to the cancellation that they saw the event as a significant moment in Jewish-Muslim relations in Golders Green, which is one of the United Kingdom’s most-heavily Jewish areas.

It’s “incredibly important to remember that Jewish and Muslim communities have always historically supported each other and will always continue to do so,” Rabbi Natan Levy, head of operations at the Faith Forums for London, which helped organized the cancelled event, told the Jewish News.

“By spending more time together and seeking to understand our commonalities and appreciate our differences we can provide a united front against hatred,” he added.

| https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/london-mosque-cancels-holocaust-exhibition-after-muslim-protest-1.6808540

| >>519733 that really sounds like some jewing there

| Religion is opium to the people. There never was a messias and there will be none. People have to liberate themselves from the chains of economic reality and the lies by self proclaimed religious authorities. Immah, priests, rabbis, etc. are all lazy assholes that just want to avoid doing actual work - and/or eventually stupid blockheaded zealots with psychological issues.

| >>519841 That's a bit off the point

| >>519890 Not really. Religion gave order during the dark ages, but now it's obsolete, because religious fanatics have no place in modern society.

| I really want to see BBC cover this. They'll probably be tempted to take the protesting muzzies' side because they're such a cuck for that islamic child-raping dick, but to do so would be to erase mentions of one of the most horrific events in history because Jews.

| Fuck Islam
Bunch of women beaters and cowards
We need a new crusade

| >>519913
>because religious fanatics have no place in modern society.
There is the issue. From a sane, rational point of view they shouldn't have a place in modern society. But unfortunately our modern society runs on an economic basis that has massive inherent contradictions that lead to an increasing conflict potential. Lots of people see a way out in religious fundamentalism, along with nationalism and racism, while some others think of them as a tool to keep up the status quo.

| >>520319
You think christianity is better? The christian church is only tamed by liberal and socialist opposition. In their ideological core it is no better than Islam or Judaism. Even the prominent "reformator" Martin Luther was a reactionist douchebag that only became successful because some "nobles" supported him opposing the pope. Luther was a misogynist and racist fundamentalist.
While religions may be cultural interesting, politically they only are tools of power.

| >>520386 dude at least Jesus was a nice guy and a good example.
Cant say the same about Mohammed
When a religion has a messiah that is a pedophile that likes incest and has fucked his own daughter we can't expect anything good about it

| And if u defend muslims you should be fucked too, simple.
Islam is a disease and it should ve wiped out.
Selling sex slaves in the 21 century, spreading a culture of hate about women and you have the audacity of defend this shit.
Thats ridiculous

| I don't see christians making terrorists groups and blowing shit up. Can't say the same about Islam

| >>520393

I'm sorry that I have to be pretentious and counter certain points of your words like an ass. But if you feel there is anything I glazed over, feel free to bring it up.

- Jesus was a breddy gud guy, probs even was cool with gays. His disciples and the rest of the saints are debatable.
- Different times, different culture. Mohammad did save some slaves, so he still did some good.

| >>520395
>if you defend Muslims you should be fucked
- Great job, Jimmy Neutron. Way to show yourself as the better gurl.

- We don't have that now because Europeans understand the need for globalism, so Christian intolerance, or rather intolerance in general, has been clamped down for them to appear more 'welcoming'. The same cannot be said of most Arabs.
Also, Christians don't blow up with bombs. They ram with cars.

| >>520421
>Also, Christians don't blow up with bombs. They ram with cars.
There is a country that dropped two nuclear bombs on another one. This country has a founding myth which says it was christian pilgrims that did it. On their currency stands "In God we trust" and their president usually says "So help me God" while being introduced.
Up to now christians blew up the most bombs in history and at the current rate muslims need thousands of years to play in the same league.

| >>520393
From a conservative point of view, jesus was nothing but a bastard (llegitimately fathered) and one of many agitators that questioned the status quo of the romans and their allied elites of the ancient jewish society. He even wasn't a pacifist, as he used violence himself:

sodom rebel hanoi

| >>520385
You've missed the point. People turn to extremism, religious & otherwise, exactly because they see modern society is sick & radicals (be they islamists, fascists, communists or otherwise) show them the possibility of an alternative. Sometimes that alternative is rather less than ideal even to appearances, but they believe it's the best they can achieve.

| OT, I can understand the Muslim position. The Israelis have gotten pretty good at this oppression thing. Am I the only one who sees Palestine on a map & is reminded of the German 'autonomous ghettos' & how they were talked up to be like tiny Jewish states?

| >>520721
>modern society is sick
Is it the society that is sick or is just the way it is organized stupid?
Also putting islamists, fascists and communists in a row is wrong, because islamism blames "non-believers" and fascism blames "foreigners, traitors and deviants" for society issues. Communism theoretically only aims on the underlying economic system, or more precisely on the ownership of production means, which is more plausible, even thought it led to massive misusage.

| >>520953
To generalize over socialists/communists, fascists and religious fundamentalists movements as "all the same extremists" nothing but whitewashing of the "moderate"/"centrist" bourgeois conservative-liberal establishment. They want to distract from the fact, that it was their politics that supported fascists and islamists in the first place to fight what they identified as "socialism/communism", which in fact was rarely the case, even if it was officially declared.

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