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what is your political ideology v2

| serious replies only

| Center-right with a mix of social policies for citizens so everything stays stable.

| quite far left though i used to be a centerist a few years back

| Unironically National Socialism. Even when I liked standard Socialism I had more NatSoc characteristics.

| Liberal.

| I hate politicians. Kids years 7-25 should rule. The world would be a better place because kids have more morals than adults. Everything would be verified by each age group and must be unanimous.

| >>518793 heck yeah dude kids sure are great at that whole managing a budget thing.

| a lot

| I'm a firm believer of the Nordic Model as a proven and working system of governing and economic stability.

| Center with a very slight liberal leaning, which would make me a True Neutral on the alignment spectrum.

| I'm a Right Social libertarian. Not too far on the right, but I do think the individual should have more power than government.

| I'm pro Anarcho-Syndicalism, Laizism and Scepticism
I eventually support Trotzkyism, Socialism and Communism (as long they are implemented democratically)
I theoretically respect, but practically suspect social-democracy, liberalism and centrism.
I don't get the point of conservatism, nationalism, racism, fascism and religious fundamentalism. I just don't understand why people believe in this stuff that seems mostly like big annoying bullshit to me.

| technocratic fascism.
the blind masses must be lead down the path to reason. i believe >>519247 should be disappeared before a socio-economic disaster is produced by these worthless and grossly uneducated types...

socialism doesn't work because socialists don't work - you'll clog up society, you lazy fucks.

| >>519279
Well, the socio-economic desaster came and will come without socialists. In fact it was socialists movements that made capitalism tolerable by challeging it.
As long capitalism exists, we socialists will exist and fight it. And you fascist scum will never have the satisfaction to get rid of us by magical disappearance. You will have to make your hands dirty, again and again to get rid of us, with your fucking barbaric murder gangs!

| >>519295
>fascist murder gangs
stop giving us good ideas

| None, I hate politics, it used to just be boring and no one cared about it. Now it's ruins everything and try to creep it into every type of media. I can't stand the far left or right.

| I work in politics for a centre right party. I'm more of an eco-fascist technocrat though.

| Idk what to consider my ideology but my country is the Far Left, also known as Communist. And with the new cyberlaw we are having!? Not fun at all. Socialism is just a step to be Communism (not achieved yet even USSR) and only serve the Party, a single Party bc any party else in your wildest dream are consider illegal. Nationality means nothing to them. "Rather lost the Nation than the Party!" Wow what an excellent General Secretary. He's dead now but the statement stays truth.

| I support The Nordic Model and will fight with my life to protect it if I have to.

| >>519628
>Nationality means nothing to them.
>"Rather lost the Nation than the Party!"
In the DPRK and the PRC the Party and the Nation are one and the same thing...

Despite that, nationality does mean nothing to me too, tbh. I can't identify with "my" Nation, as it does not guarantee economical fairness and blames any kind of minorities and (partially self made) outer enemies for everything that goes wrong. Most Nations are artificial and enforced constructs, after all.

| Integralist, though I'm more about the materialism v. spiritualism conflict than the finer points of fascism.

>>519693 Chinese nationalism is very much a thing. The party may be the state, but China is more than a state, in a loose sense it's is like a god. China is something above everyone & everything, even if the party were completely destroyed & the Chinese state collapsed, people's faith in the entity of China would persist. That is arguably the highest form of nationalism.

| American politics...

| I'm in favor of anything that isn't Authoritarian or economically left leaning. Libertarian is my probably political stance.

| >>519712 >Integralist
Exceptionally redpilled

| >>519628
And you the Party didn't do that same things? Blame minorities and outsider for stuffs? How naive. And don't tell me about fairness, Idk what it means ever since I live here. Nationality is artificial I agree. But if that's why it shouldn't be exist, your belongings, your phone you texting right now are also artificial. Would you say these shouldn't exist too? Machinery revolution happened bc of nations competed each other for tech, not just some random pp tinkering stuff.

| I was center but slowly started moving a little towards conservatism with a tone of soft euroscepticism. I'm against surveillance of individuals without a good reason.

| I used to be a liberal democrat year ago(no jokes) and now I'm a conservative liberal.

| >>519712
I think you don't know anything about chinese history. China is no homogenous entity. Most time it was divided in several independend and fighting kingdoms that only were forged together by brute force from time to time. There still are massive cultural, social and economical differences from Region to Region. If the communist party of China falls, either another autocratic regime will take over and keep it together or China as a nation will Collapse.

| >>519772
What about individuals of "foreign" orign? Do they deserve the same rights as us western superhumans?

| >>519720
I think libertarians are either economical social-darwinists or politically naive. Because they either see the status quo of the rich to rule over the poor as "natural right" or they are blind to the interest-conflict between economical classes.

| Moderate centrist, with an ephasis on comprimise. I beleive that all "pure" models are inherently flawed, and that composite approaches are the only way. I dont particularly care too much about the what of politics, I care that whatever decides to be done is done well and consistently. Do what you will, but do it well. I dont like things that do not benefit me, but Im willing to accept them. Optimistic Pessism, be hopeful, but analyze all that could go wrong and plan for it.

| >>519794 as someone of foreign origin myself, I've nothing against other foreigners, that they should be treated equally as natives but should be liable for breaking the law, just like everyone else.

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