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As new rules are proposed, does YOUR favourite ready meal or restaurant treat fall foul of the government’s new calorie count crackdown?

| Calorie caps could be placed on thousands of meals sold in supermarkets and restaurants in an attempt to combat obesity.

Public Health England has drawn up detailed plans for calorie limits to be imposed on 12 types of food sold by retailers and 13 served in restaurants and takeaways.

Two huge draft documents outlining the proposed limits, which run to a total of 223 pages, have been sent to food manufacturers, retailers and restaurant chain bosses for consultation.

| Under the plans, pizzas will have to lose toppings, burgers will shrink and sandwiches will get thinner.

Health officials last night insisted the guidelines, which form part of the Government’s childhood obesity strategy, will not be legally enforced and are voluntary. But they pointed out that ministers have threatened alternative ‘levers’ if no progress is made – a threat understood to involve mandatory rules or additional taxes.

| https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6531469/Does-favourite-ready-meal-restaurant-treat-fall-foul-govs-new-calorie-crackdown.html

| What a pointless system- people will just spend more money on food (or, at least, try to) in order to eat more, thereby defeating the point of any of this.

It'll hurt poor people the most, since they'll have less calories per meal if the establishment they go to adopted these guidelines.

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This thread is permanently archived