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Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music

| Britain's departure from the European Union cannot be legally implemented without the terms approved by the House of Commons. Can the tuneless warbling of 20-somethings capture the hearts and minds of the ruling classes and send the UK hurtling back to the pre-Brexit era when neighbours didn't one day decide to hate each other?

Let's dig into the lyrics, which are essentially a love song to Blighty from Europe.

| Yes, Brits have a tendency to give the Continent a hard time, but over the Channel they are much more forgiving.

I cannot believe this is the end (oh no). I still feel your love inside me. I still sing your words. I make a wish as your star falls.

Oof. OK. No-deal, anyone? Like an overly attached ex, they might actually be pushing us further away.

Oh your voice paints my heart, your mirage fades away. Your choice turns my spine grey.

| There's always been a sea between us, we used to sail it together – but you're leaving, now we're falling apart.

"Your choice turns my spine grey"? So English isn't their first language, but the sea metaphor is… cute. Take it to the chorus…

Britain come back, Britain come back, Britain come back to us, it's not too late to turn around (repeat). Promise we can change, can we make you change your minds?

| Desperate stuff, but desperate times and all that. The song isn't without criticism for the EU either. "We cannot deny we made mistakes, had a rocky start (ups and downs)," the boys croon, "but you didn't have a fair choice, you've been misinformed, the lies let all of us down."


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