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Ex-Mossad Head: Russia Decided Trump Was Their Best Candidate, and Ran Him for President

| Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo said Monday that Russia deployed tens of thousands of bots to influence the 2016 U.S. elections in favor of Donald Trump, but not because Trump is a great friend of Russia.

In an interview with Sami Peretz, the ex-Mossad head said that "What we've seen so far with respect to bots and the distortion of information is just the tip of the iceberg.

| It is the greatest threat of recent years, and it threatens the basic values that we share - democracy and the world order created since World War Two.".

He said that Trump may think the bots worked in his favor, but it is the same bots that are liable to topple him.


| So, first of all, it's unfair to use subscription based media =.=
Next, can someone please explain me how can you affect the elections with some bots?

| >>517362 Maybe they meant the bot accounts were influencing people on social media by posting propaganda?

| Last i heards was that hillary has ties to russia

This russian 2016 election thing is super confusing and ambiguous
There isnt one "credible" source npt contradicting another "credible", unless they are the happy gang of WSJ/GUARDIAN/CNN circlejerk, who put out a lot of seriously biased articles that cant be trusted aanymore

| What if the bots aren't controlled by the Russians but by an advanced social media ai?

| >>517391
Well, I don't really know how this works, but I'm pretty sure anyone with his head on place doesn't fall that easily for some "media propaganda"

| >>517653
Assuming people don't fall for literal propaganda flies in the face of the entire history of propaganda. You aren't seriously saying "Idk how propaganda works, but surely nobody believes it" are you?

| >>517678
Okay, so you will vote for somebody just because media told you so? Propaganda only works well with something to add to it, like charismatic leader or patriotic intentions. I don't think you can force people to vote only for the faces hanging around

| >>517689 Why are you only responding to arguments no one even said?

| With that logic, bots are the propaganda that worked with Trump and the media was the propaganda that worked against Trump in the end of the day. But to say they influenced the election in total maybe overdramatic. (Let'say it's true for now) The amount of people who were influenced by these bots most likely didn't even come close to the actual people who voted. It's an interesting concept but it's been so long you'd think the evidence would surface by now.

| >>517724 maybe because I try to reason my opinion

| >>517855 Doesn't it make more sense to respond to the actual arguments instead of the ones only you pretend to exist? No one will read into your opinions if they're not even on topic.

| >>517857
Maybe you should stop trying to make yourself look so damn clever and make some clear statements?

| > It is the greatest threat of recent years, and it threatens the basic values that we share - democracy and the world order created since World War Two."

Okay, fuck off with this. Countries influence elections of other countries all the time. Powerful people using their access to informational platforms to make sure their favorites win isn't some newfangled thing that the evil Republicans cooked up during their vacation in Hell. It's a thing as old as civilization itself.

| >>517893 There hasn't been any large scale foreign propaganda campains in the US or most of Europe since WW2. That's the point he's making and what happened in ancient greece or wherever doesn't change this fact.

"We don't need to combat this lie because other people lied before" is a dumb argument to make.

| Pretty sure the propaganda told people to not vote for orange man


| Do they even need to spread propaganda at this point? Just polarize the people (by influencing them via social media) and let them take out each other.

| (((Tamir Pardo)))

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