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nuke brazil

| what have they done other than lag out servers?

| pls come to brazil

| >>495998
At moment I wouldn't go there. Fascist/Nazists became too cocky there since this asshole won the presidental elections.
And this >>495086 is nothing but stpid nonense in every way.

| >>496011 are you an undercover cop

| >>496072 he's a left wing guerilla

| >>496011 holy fucking shit this escalated quickly
And I didn't even ask you to come to brazil, I asked OP because he seems nice, unlike you

| uma delicia☠์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์์

| im sorry but i dont like the south american servers

| Worldwide soyboys are afraid of Bolsonaro LMAO

| >>496554
Rather a "soyboy" than a retarded 150kg Burger/Cheese-Nacho/Pizza Tank, or a squirrel eating, gasoline drinking redneck.

| i unironically agree, fuck this failure of a country
t. heuheuehu

| Didn't knew there were dear brazilians fellows here. Even in this damn garbage of country there are some people with good taste for apps I suppose

| U bitch ass First world pussys can't stand one day here i bet.
Brazil is like a Fallout/Naruto crossover

| >>496583

Oh, the rampants of the weak <3

| We should send a nuke to the Vatican... From Brazil

| >>510729
I love you

| Gonna go visit my brazilian qt in a few months.
Bringing a MAGA hat, yes or no?

| >>510826 Y E S
a lot of zapzap boomers will congratulate you

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