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Idiot tries to convert natives in remote island, is killed by a volley of arrows

| https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/22/john-allen-chau-man-killed-by-tribe-north-sentinel-island-declare-jesus

Here guys, we have this year's candidate for the Darwin Award!

| The guy didn't understand that to persuade people you had to be smarter than them.

| The Senegalese don't take shit from nobody.

| It's like when Cnn went to interview Cannibals and was, to be frank, shocked that they we're threatened to be eaten.

| condolences and all that but it's hard for me to feel bad. i'm actually pretty mad. they can't recover his dumbass so there's the off chance he'll wipe out an entire fucking population from whatever disease they get from his corpse

| >>479194 but isnt it like... good? there will be less stupid and agressive tribes. i mean, sure... everyone has a "right" to live as they want, but meh, human(not american, not indian, not whatever else but HUMAN) freedom should end when its goes against freedom of anothers. and what that idiot do to deserve a death? tried to kill em? tried to burn their island? he could not go with just beating or a minnor wound to understand they will not listen under any circumstances?

| tho i do agree that guy is a complete idiot for going on agressive territory that is banned for tourism... all those agressive/cannibal tribes should just extinct already. Or be peacefull or eat some napalm.

| >>479397
thing is they're not gonna nuke the world or anything. just leave em the fuck alone. they got their own natural reserve and are the last humans you would put in a zoo...
except blacks

| Hey guys lets bring these people jesus.
Fucking idiots its like history didnt taught them anything.

| >>483552
sounds like school -didn't- -teach- you anything too

| >>479397
They did. Twice, which is generous for the Sentineli. He went back a 3rd time all the same, expecting that he might be killed.

In the first place you have to understand these people have always had a reputation for brutality, from the time of Marco Polo.

National Geographic tried to contact them back in the '70s & when the director of the project took an arrow to the hip the indiginees laughed & proceeded to spear & bury a gift pig they'd received from the expedition.

| Franky the fact that so many people have been injured or killed by a small isolated island tribe which has yet to discover sailing or fire only testifies to the stupidity of the victims.

| >>487913 welp, that brutality is exact reason why they are gonna become a problem once they decide to move to others island or our land, not today but someday unless they all dieout for whatever reason. Hell, they gonna be a problem just for fishermen if they learn even a primitive boats.

Would be actually "fun" to watch if one of those tribemen get to civilization... a great rambo style bow killspree untill gunned down...

plz dont tell similar things actually happened qwq

| >>487936
The thing is that they have been sitting on their part of the island for as long as they have existed. If they 'move out' of their place and decide to rain arrows in some other land, then it's not like we can't hunt them back.

Approach them like you approach a tiger; just because a tiger can kill you doesn't mean it will, as long as you don't try to provoke them like a big idiot.

| They would day instantly if they had contact with any modern human. They don't have an immunity to our diseases. A simple cough could wipe out their entire island.

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