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A Chad in politics

| Wouldn't you pay for a politician to go full blown anime on stage
Or a Chad in the political spectrum "Eat muh dick nerd"

Would be stupid but ironically funny. Talking to those like minded

| Isn't trump enough for you? Also it stops beeing funny when alot of people seriously and unironically think this is how good politics should be.

| Id pay to see the politician go full anime. The latter not so much.

| >>477351 *cough cough* UH É BOLSONARO UH É BOLSONARO *cough cough*

USA isn't the whole world girl

| >>477351
Was a joke but I guess that was a hair trigger

| If you elect elon musk he will make catgirls a reality

| >>477351 pretty much all politics are like that

| >>486518 holy shit I fucking hate Elon Musk he's the last person who deserves the credit of creating catgirls stupid fucking king of mars

| Why the hate against elon i dont get it

| What do you mean, hell get the credit of creating catgirls, are you saying catgirls are real? Okay then run off

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This thread is permanently archived