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| The Green Party in Sweden has suggested confiscating the homes of citizens and giving them to migrants if the property is deemed to be too large or if the owner has more than one residence.

Blogger Katerina Janouch reveals how the party wanted to introduce a new law which would allow “Municipalities to seize housing to give them refugees.”

Under the proposal, authorities would be able to “evacuate people who have too large housing,” for example

| “couples where the children moved home or cohabited where the partner has a residence elsewhere.”

Under any such legislation, homeowners wouldn’t even be compensated, whereas before the government would have had to pay them at least 125% market value.

After attracting controversy, the proposal was apparently withdrawn. A list of names of people who were liable to have their homes confiscated was also reportedly circulated,

| although in the article it’s not clear whether this occurred in Sweden or Norway.

The Green Party is by no means a fringe force in Swedish politics, being a minority member of the country’s coalition government.

Given such an absurd suggestion, is it really any surprise that liberal basketcase Sweden is basically one giant meme at this point?

| Earlier this year, students in Spain were forced to leave their homes despite having paid their accommodation fees to make way for migrants who just arrived on the Aquarius rescue ship in Valencia.

Back in 2016, a hospital on the Italian island of Sardinia was ordered to kick out local patients in order to make way for migrants.

| The German government also announced it would spend €600 million euros housing migrants in upmarket Berlin hotels at a cost of €18,000 per “refugee,” while the city’s 10,000 homeless population remained on the streets.

Earlier that year, an 80-year-old hotel owner was forced by police to house numerous migrants in his small guest house.

Video footage shows Luigi Fogli pleading with authorities as the African migrants take up residence.

| “Do you want to put them in my apartment too?” Fogli cries as his protest falls on deaf ears.


| So basically, the real "news" is that someone had a stupid idea, others cancelled it, and now people are getting crazy about something that disappeared as quickly as it came. This idea to house refugees isn't new, so there's nothing surprising with this new idea popping up. And the fact that they removed it quickly proves that they saw it was wrong.

Spreading fear without basis like that is just another form of terrorism.

| And your source is a "news" site filled with anti-immigration posts, which doesn't really make it reliable on this kind of subjects. And probably on any kind of subject.

| Did this bitch really link to a infowars article?

What's next, stormfront?

Go visit the migrants in Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre then tell me this shit with a straight face!

| >>475608
if you are so sympathetic, why don't you let 20 migrants into your apartment?

| >>475608
i kinda read stormfront tho

| >>475505 >>475499
well the whole immigration thing is still happening and it's costing millions in development while the real Europeans are paying the price of it all while they end up raping their women.
it's really sick to glorify immigration and the feel-goodism of multiculturality especially when the few upright syrians don't even want to be here.
>preparing for your ad hominems

| Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed", Chancellor Angela Merkel says.
David Cameron has criticised "state multiculturalism" in his first speech as prime minister on radicalisation and the causes of terrorism.
i'm against immigrants. there's no real argument in favour of such policies.

| >>475718
As far as I know, rape isn't exclusive to immigrants.
And I don't need ad hominem attacks since you are yet to give a single argument. A real one I mean.
And by the way, saying "real Europeans" means nothing. And I'm pretty sure that there are "real" Europeans immigrants too.
Want a funny thing? Racism and xenophobia is lower in countries with many immigrants. Simply because they can see actual immigrants, and not the image the media gives them.

| >>475782
The argument in favour of immigrants is simply humanity's improvement. Which is something that you can apparently noy grasp.

| >>475817
what you can noy grasp is that most of those that come in are qualified in nothing and add nothing. rape statistics in sweden have exploded and are mostly committed by syrians iraqis and somalians.
improving would be fixing their home countries and sending them back to build. there is no "humanity improvement" in letting these in. they're just bogging Europe down, which is a beacon of light especially in foreign aid to african countries.

| by the way here are the source for all the kneejerking retards that screeched as soon as they saw infowards.com (gay frogs lel)


| http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/anmietung-von-hotels-18-000-euro-je-fluechtlingsbett-in-berlin-14046685.html

| >>475794
but migrants commit a lot of crimes and rapes though, and they are grossly unqualified.
>real European don't exist
are you monstrously retarded? have you ever heard anything about Germans and Kelts? do you know what these are?
sure there are European immigrants *from European country to European country*. nothing else.

| also if "Racism and xenophobia is lower in countries with many immigrants", then why are right-wing, populist, anti-immigration parties growing in Germany (Afd), France (Front National), why did the Visengrad group form during angela's immigration plan? if you love migrants so much you should go to malmö and their famous "no-go-zones". you'd have a blast meeting the local somali mafia... and then get raped. you would probably call it anti-immigration's fault.

| eh i'm not in the mood for salty debate bullshit tonight.
bye suggers

| >>475984
Find any living Kelt and then call me, it'll be fun.

The number of immigrants isn't that high. But it's just more and more mediatized, which causes fear and irrational votes.

And the reason there are no-go zones also comes from the fact that people living there couldn't go anywhere else because of rejection. Trying to keep immigrants away just makes this heterogeneity increase.

| >>475984
>Real Europeans
>Germans and Kelts

PRRRFFFF. Everybody knows true Real Evropeans arw only Serbs. GERMan monkey and KKKelt rabid dogs do rape of their sisters and are the gAY!

Get out of northwest Serbia you vatican puppet the GAYFAG COMMIEFASHISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

| See. Thats the issue with "real" Europeans, or Americans, or any other real continent.

The only conclusion of this kinda pandering to ethnicity, the only way to "secure" it is ethnic clensing. Murder, Kidnapping and Human Trafficing sanctioned by the state.

Also. Do you really trust your sources about all that rape and general crime? We already told you your sources have a anti migrant agenda. Is it just what you want to believe?

| Also yes ad hominem, ad hitlerum, ad whatever. I'm tierd of nationalist shit, here we already had a genocide in the 90s and last thing I want to hear is nationalist of any kind.

| >>475984
A population/ethnicity is not necessarily bound to a location. For example there are minorities of celts and norseman in todays turkey which came there as traders and mercenaries. You may have heard about the galatians and the varangians.
The idea of "races" (or ethnicities) being bound to the ground was made up by far-right ideologists, which can be vague translated into "folkish movement". It also has a name: "Blood and Soil" ideology.

| >>475668
Seriously, are you mentally disabled?
No one in the whole fucking world expects anyone to let 20 Immigrants into his house. This only exists in the mentally disillusioned world of nazist scum. Well at least >>475671 proved what you are. I which you from the bottom of my hard you once have to flee from where you are and I hope no one will help you so that you just can die alone and forgotten. Asshole.

| Btw. I work voluntary for refugees helping them to integrate into the labour-market, with much priority in teaching them their rights and the idea of labor solidarity. It really makes me sad that they understand this concepts better than most of "my" countries people. Lots of them (not all) are way more ignorant, selfish, stingy, greedy and hateful. It's the same stupid kind of asshole people that are devasting the countries where refugees acutally come from - just in white.

| >>476000
>if "Racism and xenophobia is lower in countries with many immigrants", then why are right-wing, populist, anti-immigration parties growing in Germany (Afd)
Bad example, as the AfD is the most strongest in exactly those parts of germany with the lowest ammount of people with immigration backgrounds.
Also initially the AfD was a nationalist anti-euro (the currency) party, which benefited from the neolibs blaming "lazy south-europeans" for an in fact general system crisis.

| >>476000
>France (Front National)
Well the "Front National" (they just did relabele themselves) was initially a open antisemitic neo-nazist party, which were whining about the treacherous vichy regime under nazi-germany occupation.
And to be honest looking at france past as colonization power I just can't take the crocodile tears of nationalist assholes which are basically responsible for the issues France, serious. The whole Le-Pen dynasty are nothing but assholes with much money.

| >>476000
>why did the Visengrad group form during angela's immigration plan?
The Visengrad Group was formed in 1991, little fake-news douchebag. I doubt that
Angela Merkel had an "immigration plan" back then (and I doubt she ever had one, which kinda is part of the problem) In fact under the reign of Angela Merkel German immigration laws became more restrictive than they ever where. Merkel as a "leftist Mother Teresa" is nothing but a right-winger propaganda-lie.

| >>476000
>if you love migrants so much you should go to malmö and their famous "no-go-zones". you'd have a blast meeting the local somali mafia... and then get raped. you would probably call it anti-immigration's fault.
If you love nazists so much, you should go to eastern germany and their famous "no-go-zones". You'd have a blast meeting the local vigilance committee.... and then get beaten up. you would probably call it anti-fascists fault.

| >>476000
>malmö meeting the local somali mafia
people from somalia are not even in the top ten of migration population. I suggest you switch your local drug dealer. Maybe the "somali mafia" sells better stuff than your local esoteric nipster commune.

| I think it's a good law

| >>476977
You mean, you think it WOULD BE a good law, as there actually is no such a law.

While I think it's generally a good idea to look for un- or misused objects at the real estate market i would:
1. Start with the richest people/companies, not average people/families.
2. do NOT link this issue to immigration but to economic situation of individuals. Homeless people, regardless of their origin, need a home, especially now that the winter comes.

| This reminds me of a story from germany right before WWII
jews where deported from their homes early in the morning and exiled at the Polish border, but the Polish military wouldn't let them in, because they didn't want them in their country.
For hours these people where sitting right on the German and the Polish border with two armys surrounding them, unable to do anything, as that would have caused them to be shot by either side.
In the end the polish gave in and let them pass.

| >>476578 get ready fucker, we're not gonna disappear. Fags like you are going to be the firsts to go down the drain

| I thought something was cheesy about this then I saw the sauce was infowars, sorry buddy but no, infowars is just a meme nothing more, unless if the frogs are really gay, then shit just got serious.

| >>477116
Sorry to inform you, delusional kid, but violent and stupid persons are the ones who disappear the quickest. You are nothing else than a parasitic lifeform that doesn't realise how insignificant it it. It's still time to go to school and learn how the world works, boy.

| >>477176 How this sick world and society, that are on it's last legs, works? Retards liek you are the firsts on the natural selection.

Did you just fucking assumed my gender?

| >>477421
It works? My, aren't you dumb. Running out of resources, facing more and more ecological hazards, and you think it "works"? You are one special thing.
And natural selection doesn't apply to humanity. But it's logical that you failed to comprehend it from your monkey-like point of view.

| >>476578 Did you know that Bosniaks aren't human? Kill a Bosniak today and make the world a better place!

The same apply to Albanians and most middle-eastern Muslims.

Peace will only come if we kill the aggressor :)

Nationalism is the cure for all diseases you /leftypol/tard, go back to the shithole where you came from.

| >>477702
At this point I can't tell whether this is sarcasm, or a legitimate retard. Which is sad.

| >>477785 Of course it's sarcasm, hmpf.
No one sane would say stuff like that seriously for fucks sake

| >>477819
The problem is that "sane" people on the internet are a minority.

| >>477819
Yeah, look at Turkey, USA, Brazil, and the Philippines, what kind of creatures from hell get mandates. Funny if you think there was a time it was seen as legitime to remove democratically elected representatives if they were considered to be "reds". This says much about bourgeois democracy: It ends where ppl tend to the left (especially if they are critical on capitalism and the USAs dominance), but it's widely open to the far-right (as long they suck capitalists dicks).

| >>477857
Theyre not a minority, but a very silent majority.

| >>483782
We must have a different definition of sanity then.

| clickbait

| >>477507 You tell me to learn how the world works and you don't even think it does work?

Natural selection works on all of us, since we're also animals. You and I also have instincts, and the most basic are the need for survival and procreation which all of us also share. Denying that you are an animal is denying live itself, but I guess you're way too dumb to realize that.

| Wtf, im all for protecting migrants, but this is way too much. No one should be forced out of their house for this.

| >>490151 Don't worry, it's false news.

| >>490140
>Natural selection works on all of us, since we're also animals.
In the science of evolution-biology "natural selection" is
- not specifically about animals
- only one evolution factor of many. There also are mutation, recombination, genetic drift and also symbiosis.
- about the origin of species, not about cultures, ethnicities etc.
- a process that is working in a time-scale much large than human civilization exits.

| >>490140
What you proclaim is called "social darwinism", which is pseudo-scientific ideology. It just picks one of the known factors of evolution theory and applies it to human societies or even individuals, which is ridiculous. It's nothing but a new-age pseudo-scientific religion.

| >>490151
Actually people are forced out of their houses, but not because of immigrants, who have to live in shitty containers or camps, but for rich people. It's called "real estate crisis", "banking crisis" and "gentrification".

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