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Ukraine transgender rally disrupted by far-right militants

| Far-right militants in Ukraine have disrupted a march by transgender activists in the capital Kiev.

Reports say two young women were attacked and mocked as they received medical attention, and a Canadian journalist was punched in the face.

Another reporter says police officers manhandled the activists and did nothing to stop the violent far-right members. They deny the charge.

Homophobia is still commonplace in post-Soviet Ukraine, analysts say.

| However, the authorities have allowed gay pride marches to take place in the past.

About 30-40 people turned up for Sunday's rally, holding rainbow flags and banners that said, "Transphobia must be stopped".

One activist taking part said the march was important to demonstrate that LGBT people exist in the country, Reuters reports.

| "It is difficult to accept that some people are ready to resort to violence simply because other people are slightly different," the activist, identified only as Elis, said in Russian.


| Good.

| Far right sucks

| you go!

| It's like seeing a baby crush his toys because he cannot make the shapes fit in his little puzzle. An immature and ridiculous reaction showing a deep stupidity.

| >>477177
you are sooo morally superior!
or just dumb as fuck! hehehe

| >>477308
Who's the worst one, the one unable to do anything apart from being violent, or the one criticising it?
No, don't answer, I already know that you won't be able to refrain from saying something stupid again.

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I'm going to refer to realpolitik here & say the one who achieves something is doing better. You folks who only critique & the guys out there on the street are playing on completely different boards, & looking around, their game seems to have earned them a great deal of influence in the world, at the expense of their critics.

Say what you please about means & ethics, it's the result that matters.

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And what are the results useful for? Has humanity a final goal? Everything humans did was at first aimed at humanity's well being. If you can't see that, you are not better that the ones you defend.
Once you manage to stop encouraging egoism and egocentrism, maybe you can claim having achieved something.

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Don't be so pompous, most people do in fact have their own goals independent of the meaning of life.

In politics that's usually affecting society or the state somehow, so is it peculiar to say the people who's vision society is moving toward are enjoying success? In the Ukraine that would seem to be the far-right, as anti-Russian ultranationaslism & right-wing militia membership are on the rise, & they're able to act as op describes with impunity.

| Case in point:



The Special Operations Regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard is a promoted far-right group whose current leader once asserted that it fell to the Ukrainian state to "lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against... the Semite-led subhumans." It also has its own political party.

| >>477434 these guys are cool as fuck

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They're under the radar but they're arguably the most successful white nationalist group in the world today. The Kiev Oblast chief of police is also a former Azov colonel.

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