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Thoughts on trump?

| Thoughts on this guy?

| He's a subpar president, but he's pretty damn good at selling his brand. The reason the Republicans gained in the Senate was that through his campaigning he turned several of the races into proxy elections for himself.

He's a bully with no regard for historical national relationships, but so was Teddy Roosevelt. That's why the Panama Canal was built.

He places more value on personal relationships than political ones, but then so did Andrew Jackson.

| He gave Merkel starbursts https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-threw-starburst-candies-angela-merkel-dont-say-i-never-give-you-987178

But George Bush puked on the Prime Minister of Japan.


| He ist good president

| He's a mess but people will support him no matter what because he's "kek triggering libs" etc

| He is like the German king that canceled all their good relations and alliances and went to wave around the military might. And then helped causr ww1.

Not a fan

| He's what Americans deserve. Shitty mentality brings shitty elections. And the best thing is that the world is following this example.

| He's what represents the USA best: Historically and geographically undereducated, greedy, simple-minded, uncivilized, arrogant, aggressive, hypocritical but unfortunately also economically powerful. I know that there also are a lot of friendly, smart and/or honest people in the USA, but they are politically naive and have low self-confidence (or even no at all) to REALLY change things. Their believe in the capitalist system (which they share with Trump) is far beyond reason.

| As someone who thinks ideas and thoughts should never be policed, this failure of a person is going to give the people who do think "enforcing correct thoughts" more talking points than anyone else in history.

He's awful in a disturbingly diverse number of ways.

| Better than obama at least

| >>461860

>>Americans are simple minded & uncivilized.

Sounds exactly like what white folk were saying about Negroes & Asians 150 years ago. Just because we don't act like you, or believe what you do, doesn't mean your people are somehow superior.

| >>464170
A typical American.

Trump is simply put, a joke that's gone too far.

| >>464177

You say Americans are uncivilized. From the perspective of us American savages, Europeans & Canadians are just decadent.

You insist just as much as we do that your perspective is correct & ours is wrong, yet you call us out for our arrogance? Now that's hypocritical.

You are right about us being aggressive. Arrogance comes with a bit of dignity, yet those like yourself mock us & then deride us for lashing out. Yeah, we're the neighborhood bully, the uncivilized ones.

| >>464177 >>461860

When it comes down to it, it's exactly your type of condescending attitude which drove people to Trump in the first place. You continue to self-righteously dismiss Americans as deplorably backward, which in turn elicits from us only indignity, anger, & a sense of alienation, which all fuel his support. & so the cycle repeats.

Many people didn't vote for Trump because they like Trump. They voted for him as a way of giving those who deride them the finger.

| I dont like him but his America first policy is something i can respect as an european.

| y i k e s

| >>464196 He's being condescending for a reason, and all of you Americans give him actual reasons and backing to give his argument substance. I can't wait till America gets nuked

| >>464220
& now who's being simple-minded? Put aside who deserves what & look at what we reap from all this condescension.

The destruction of the US would not be one nation's problem & we'd export that problem like every other. When we elect Trumpian leaders that's not just on us, we increase the chance of fruitless ideological war coming to a nation near you, & that's your problem.

Hate us, if you like, but too much confrontation has only exacerbated the cause of your complaints.

| >>464193
The difference with other countries is that the US consider themselves as the leader of the world. And the only reason they can do so is because they profited from the war to create a cultural supremacy.
A parasitic behaviour is not something you can defend.
And other countries are not perfect either. But at least, they aren't as self centered (simply because they can't, since the US are getting all the attention constantly).

| >>461855 so democracy is the problem

| >>464284
Democracy doesn't exist in the current times anyway.
The real problem is stupidity, nothing else.

| >>464285 democracy is wildly influenced by stupidity. if the masses are stupid, then the leader is bad too.
stupid masses, they are rabble

| >>464291
Yep, but without stupidity democracy works. The root of the problem is stupidity, and democracy (or vote in general, since once again there isn't any actual democracy currently) is just one of the things that go bad because of stupid people.

| >>464294
and the thing is that if it's stupid it tends to stay stupid.

| >>464298
People stay stupid because it's easy, not because of politics. Thinking requires an effort that they don't want to make.

| >>464304
no, it's all in education. when people are stupid they don't ask inconvenient questions. profit is being made off ignorance.

| >>464310
Political systems always encouraged stupidity, yet the average intelligence raised. Of course it might slow things down, but if people wanted to become less stupid, they'd be able to.

| G/u/rls there is this theory from ancient greek about how three base types of political systems transform continously:
1. One person rules
2. An small elite group rules
3. The masses rule
It also says that any of this types has one positive and one negative form which depends on if the regent(s) rule only in their own or in common interest:
1. Monarchy vs. Tyrany
2. Aristocracy vs. Oligarchy
3. Democracy vs. Ochlocracy
(The terms shouldn't be confused with their "usual" meaning!)

| >>464326
So every positive form of every system type will degenerate over time to it's negative form, while every negative form is going to be transformed into a positive form of another type. It's a rotation:
Monarchy->degnerates to Tyranny-> transforms into Aristocracy->degenerates to Oligarchy->transforms into Democracy->degenerates into Ochlocracy->transforms into Monarchy->...
Now the romans used a trick to deal with this issue, which in the end ruined ancient greek: ...

| >>464329
They implemented a hybrid system, which combined all three types of reign into one system: They had
1. the counsel (one person of power)
2. the senate (the elite)
3. the tribune (representing the people)
they thought if one of these becomes degenerated, the other two will fix it, which worked until G.J. Caesar, G.M. Pompeius and M. Crassus gained a ridicolous amount of power by military and/or economical successes.
Everything else is more or less known history. ...

| >>464331
What I want to point out is, that this theory is still valid, and in the case of the USA there still is some kind of this hybrid system. There is the president, which unites some power in one person, there are the senators and economical elites and there is the people (which have some power not only during elections but also with their rights to demonstrate, consume behaviour etc.)
Now we have the case that ...

| ... the USA is very well known for being the model for a capitalism which relies on everyones selfishness as universal maxim for individual action. Now remember please what was the feature which characterized the degeneration form of each type of reign according to the theory I posted in >>464326. Again in short: it was about if the rulers decide selfish or forethoughtful for the public good. This means with the USA we have a unique case of a hybrid system which includes ...

| >>464334
the degenerated (= corrupt and selfish) version of all three reign types:
1. A degenerated Tyrann as President
2. A degenerated Oligarchy in the Senate and economy
3. Degenerated people looking all to themselves.
But wait, I wrote it is unique, but it isn't. Because the USA exported (and still exports) their system all over the world with all means. So every bullshit that happens in the USA also happens in countries which "chose" them as their model.

| >>464262
I feel you're not railing against the US as much as the fact that a world order exists. Every great power got there on the back of other peoples, & if it weren't the US on everyone's backs today it'd be Russia, Britain, Germany or Japan, & if the US fails tomorrow China will simply take its place. I won't say the US has any sort of moral highground, might doesn't make right, but given the choice of being the despoiler or the despoiled I'll choose the former every time.

| Rather, nobody wants to be the despoiled, but when people are barking at Americans for being deplorable or deserving to be blown up, do they expect flowers & charity? I'm not a masochist, most Americans aren't.

Again, you're free to dislike the way things are, & Americans might well deserve your ire, but stoking tensions is how we got Trump. Are we all sure that road leads to an outcome that does anybody any good?

| >>464342
>Every great power got there on the back of other peoples.
Justifying beeing the major asshole is ok because everyone is an asshole is not really convincing. It's kindergarten logic. I don't want stubborn, callow people have such an immense power. China and Russia are not Paradise to me but their leaders seem to be more reasonable. I could not imagine a productive discourse with primitive, uncultivated people like Trump or Erdogan. Trump at least reveals the true nature...

| >>466028
...about the USA, which most time were often portrayed as big liberators and democracy bringers which in fact only was once true in the 2nd world war. Trump sacrifices the idea of liberty on the shrine of capitalist opportunism. But to be fair it was already his successors who bring it there.
Hopefully once people in the USA but also other countries (including China and Russia) won't accept this bullshit forever.

| He's the best president us ever had.

| He's great. One of the best memes known to date.


| Can someone pls. tell this guy the difference between Norway and California? He just stated California should just manage its forest better, like in Norway (because they have no wildfires)...

I wonder if this guy knows that there is such a thing like climatic zones. Probably he believes it's all made up by the Chinese.

This guy will leave the USA in ruins with his policy. And he will blame the opposition for it in the end. It will happen. You'll see.

| ITT: Pseudointellectual centrist bullshit.
Trump is textbook bad. Scientifically provably bad. Empirically, observably bad. Liking him is usually due to a poor, xenophobic upbringing, or general class-warfare manipulation, or worst of all, simply due to not liking "those other guys" as if electing a flaming bag of shit were better than a person you disagree with.

Either way, if you like him, he's using you and would just as soon pave a road with your corpses.

| >>471396
you are so intellect mister einstein oooh you superiooor uuuuh you so better than everyone else maaan


| It does feel a lot like chickens coming home to roost. Spend all your time denigrading and treating other countries like dirt and putting your fingers in everyine else's pie then acting surprised when people don't always see you as a savior is just ignorant and stupid. The US made trump and he is everything we deserve, its just awful to be a "liberal" with "humanistic" values and to watch him "lead".

| Also his help to make white supremacy cool and mainstream again is sickening. And the passiveness of regular Americans under the guise of free speech[which doesn't save you from dealing with the repercussions of your free speech but whatever] is just negligence and willful ignorance. If you ignore the mold in your walls for long enough you get sick.

| >>469649
If you believe he believes what he's saying, you've been duped.

I believe the point >>efb9b8 is trying to make is that the way we see it with 'America First,' we're just looking out for our own interests. We expect other people to do the same, so we should/have to as well. On that matter I concur.

| >>473130
Many people who are called white supremacists actually feel the same; it's not that they believe the white race is superior, but that society is moving against their interests. They see movements like Black Lives Matter & think "Why is it wrong for us to rally for our cause like that?"

It's like a group of well off factory workers watching a union striKe at another factory, & then being reprimanded by their fellows for unionizing themselves because they're too well off.

| >>471408
Nice meme?

| >>471408
So intelligence is a bad thing to you?

| >>458729 Lowest Unemployment rate in the US in 50 years.

| Orange man exists

| >>475474
You know what a straw-fire is?

Also unemployment rate alone does not say much about good politics. It depends much on what kind of employment it is. Are those all time-limited contracts? What about labor rights and the loans? Are they paid good/fair? I mean you could just legalize slavery and force a low employment rate, but is this actually the society you want to live in?

| He sucks

| >>475466
wow you're the kind to take satire literally

| >>477136
Yes I do, since we live in a world where so many people unironically believe in far-right propaganda, ignoring history, ignoring reality, always blaming "the others".
Anti-Intelectualism is a very popular aspect of the far right. Because it makes it easy to win the masses. I have to admit that leading Intelectuals failed in the last decades. But it doesn't mean that collective stupidity is a better alternative. So your statement could have been meant literally.

| almost everyone I know thinks Trump is either great and perfect or some sort of devil-spawn. while I don't like him as a person, he's still not that bad compared to other world leaders, and I'm glad for that.

| >>476932 Yes! Here in the shithole I live even basic food is expensive as fuck, a small trip to the market to buy basic stuff is 300~rs (something under 100$) and with our minimal wage being around 900~rs well, better a slave and alive and healthy than a free man but dying on disease

And just because, lemme do an Ad Hominem now.
You never really worked, didn't you? Your talk is exactly the one from someone who never had to work hard to keep alive, and always wants the good stuff.

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