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| First time I'm doing an announcement on the board but here goes. There's a new rule in force as of today. If you're going to make a thread discussing some sort of news, please provide a source. This should make it easier for those not familiar with the particular news, to trace it down.

This rule is enforced as of today. Since the majority of older news threads lack a source, those will be just left alone until their eventual death.

Also, this new rule does not affect political discussions. So for instance, the current thread about the US voting system is perfectly exempt from the rule since it doesn't cover a particular event and instead has a discussion of political nature.

Thank you for your time!

| I appreciate the idea very much, but I also have one question: What if the source is only available in non-english language? Because alone the European Union, representing 28 estates with more than 500 million inhabitants has 24 official languages...


| That should be perfectly okay! We have decent translation tools like Bing or Google Translate at this point. Let's say it's a thread about Brazil. It would be perfectly fine if you run it through a translator to get the general idea. So I see no problem with non-English sources.

| Great, this makes sense.

| Good addition to the rules.

| What about fictional articles


| >>469404

No fictional articles in /news/.

| >>469677 Whaaaat? How will I know about Glitch City, then?


| >>475473

The Augmented Eye.

| >>469677
Whaaaat? How will I know about Trumpland, then?

Can we agree that purely ad-driven Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs like Breitbart and Infowars are no reliable sources? And any other publication related to the Mercer media empire.

While I won't deny that migration can cause problems, I'm really sick of all this fake-news which overportray this topic while relativizing the crimes and threat by nazism/fascism.


| >>477161 I'm going to quickly answer this kind of pov immediately. The moderation of this board will NOT take a political POV. I will not tolerate this board becoming a circlejerk ie either /leftypol/ or /pol/. You can link just as many extremely commie articles and they will be tolerated. I don't care if you see a personal threat in whatever article is linked. That goes for anyone who sympathizes with the Natsoc side as well.

| >>477202
I would like to give you a round of applause ma'am. In this day & age it's refreshing to see a referee genuinely take the side of the game over those of the teams.

| Finally this rule ! \T/

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