hawk tua news

| was the latest news on spittin on that thang xDD wanna keep up with hawk tua


| ?? lmao xDD crazy mf frfr


| Gurls, maid didn't bother sweeping 50k for months. Why would she be back for this

| I would sweep for maid any time she’s so pretty and amazing <3 <3 <3
I still can’t join the discord because my discord profile is really angry and politically radical sigh~

| Peak society

| I wanna rail maid while she refusing to clean up /u/

| This meme has the energy of the most low energy millennial meme from 2014 that won't stick long

| Railing maid will never lose its sheen

| PREEEEeeeee....eeEEEEEEF

| Free news is BACK BAYBEEE

| >>1019051 What, got a K-On profile pic?

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