Inferno breaks out at 'top secret Russian research centre behind signal-jamming tech' as horrifying images show people leaping eight floors to their death to escape flames

| An inferno has ripped through a top secret research centre in Russia, with horrifying footage showing people jumping and falling from the burning high-rise building.

Russian media reports that one man jumped and another fell to his death from the eight-storey block, while Shot media reported that as many as four had jumped from high windows.

One of the men who fell had already suffered horrific burns. The fate of the others was not immediately clear.

| Explosions were heard inside the burning block as 100 firefighters battled to rescue people trapped within the building, which is in Fryazino, near Moscow.

One theory behind what caused the fire is that gas cylinders inside the scientific institute had exploded, though the cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed.

| The fire had spread to 43,000 square feet, according to reports, gutting the vast building.

It was unclear why there was such a slow response to use helicopter fire fighters to deluge the building with water.

| Russia has suffered an extraordinary array of fires this year amid the war in Ukraine.

Last year, a huge fire burned down an online shopping warehouse in St Petersburg used as a location for recruiting migrant workers for Vladimir Pitler's war in Ukraine.

In another incident in March, a major fire tore through a factory producing engines.


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