Russia wages a scorched-earth war in Ukraine against civilian targets

| KHARKIV, Ukraine — The first shock wave shattered aisles stacked almost to the ceiling with home improvement products. The next ruzzian bomb streaked down like a comet seconds later, unleashing flames that left the megastore an ashen shell.

| A third bomb failed to detonate when it landed behind the Epicenter shopping complex in Kharkiv. Investigators hope it will help them trace the supply chain for the latest generation of retrofitted ruzzian "glide bombs" that are laying waste to eastern Ukraine. The Soviet-era bombs are adapted on the cheap with imported electronics that allow distant Russian warplanes to launch them at civilian targets.

| Store manager Oleksandr Lutsenko said the May 25 attack hints at Russia's aim for Kharkiv: "Their goal is to turn it into a ghost city, to make it so that no one will stay, that there will be nothing to defend, that it will make no sense to defend the city. They want to scare people, but they will not succeed."

| The results can be seen in the intensity of recent Russian attacks. It took a year for Russia to obliterate Bakhmut, where the bombs were first used. That was followed by destruction in Avdiivka that took months. Then, only weeks were needed to do the same in Vovchansk and Chasiv Yar, according to images analyzed by AP that showed the smoldering ruins of both cities.

| Russia has accelerated its destruction of Ukraine's front-line cities in 2024 to a scale previously unseen in the war using the glide bombs which are dispatched from airfields just across the border into ruzzia.

Now, Russia is putting the finishing touches on yet another airstrip less than 60 miles (100 kilometers) from Ukraine and launching the bombs routinely from multiple bases just inside Russian borders.

| As a result the U.S. gives Ukraine permission to use U.S. weapons to strike inside ruzzia for counter-fire purposes. This is a change in policy, as the U.S. has publicly and repeatedly said it opposes the use of U.S.-supplied weapons to strike inside of Russia, even as it continues to support Ukraine in its war effort.

| https://www.npr.org/2024/06/20/nx-s1-5013074/ukraine-russia-glide-bombs-new-airstrips-kharkiv

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| Sure leftists will be outraged over this likening gaza right?


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rightwingers looks down on ruzzia too you know. no one respects you vatniks or your gay government

| >>1017236 what have gaza do with it?

| >>1017268
It's near the ukraine and people are getting killed there : (

| >>1017236 The Russian government and the Israeli government are equally bad, and both are doing warcrimes

| >>1017295 why do Russian propaganda outlets keep jerking gaza off? Not kidding with how much Jackson Hinkle and others have latched onto this cause.

| I get Bibu is a scumbag and isreals response to Oct 7th has been too far but tired of seeing Ai generated war photos of screenshot from arma 3 and hearing people go Reee genocide.

People eat up everything on twitter uncritically while going "teehee I'm immune to propaganda at least."

| Forgive the typos my phones autocorrect is retarded

| >>1017320
What did you expect from Twitter? Retardation is a requirement for that platform.

| >>1017320 >>1017399
The funnies thing about convos like these is that neither of you two realize that you do the exact same thing you're critizising others for. That is, believing what you read on twitter as being absolute truth and continue to spread it around like it is.

| >>1017320 dude look at the vids of corpses in Mariupol
is sharing links of vids of corpses allowed on here?
then I'll put it in
was on Rumble at start of war

| >>1017131 streamsnipe ze Pitler NOW!!!

| >>ee113e No I agree I'm mostly tired of fascists and vatniks hijacking the gaza stuff to peddle misinformation and go "oh they fund nazi ukraine but not the poor people in gaza? Curious hmmm #defundUkraine"

| Like there's dudes where I live as wellputting up mask off anti semitic flyers and pro Pitler stuff claiming he's a man of peace who opposes Imperialism.

| Then there's people that make Palestine their entire personality now and treat you like an awful person for not doing the same. I get it hearts in a good place but I don't trust people that demand I uncritically throw myself on the sword and treat nuance as the enemy.

| gud fuck them

| Russia is a terrorist nation which kills civilians


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