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NICE VS RUDE PARTY :The great debate

| Just checking how much people will find this and how much argument you can fit within the character limit


| i fucking love you, dipshit

| Nice party supports WOKE housing so FUCK them and theirs ANTI FREE SPEECH WOKE HOUSES I will shit on the carpet to stick it to the GROOMER NICE PARTY yeah get fucked U TRIGGERED YET LMAO?!

| >nice party supports woke housing
>rude party supports genociding non-white ethnic groups and building housing on the land their owned, both reducing demand and increasing supply
niceists btfo'd

| andrew jackson did nothing wrong, send comments on a postcard addressed to my fat g/u/rlcock and g/u/rlballs

| (((((Nice))))) Party vs "Rude" ""Party""
Think about it

| >>1011647 Misheard you, thinking about tit now... very nice tit... I think I support Nice (Tit) Party now

| Nice Party members are free to join your comrades for a fine spring picnic party where we have homebaked chocolate chip cookies :)

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This thread is permanently archived