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Why do some queer leftists simp for Russia?

| Sure I might be just looking at a few dipshits on twitte but I seriously never understood the appeal of gay and trans leftists playing cheerleader for Russia and Pitler.

Like watching chickens vote for KFC.

Is it campism? Or brainless "America bad." logic?

| I just think if you are a progressive sharing the same views as Elon Musk, Trump, Orban, MAGA movement and Alex Jones that you may need to do some deep self reflection.

| i may live under a rock, but i've never seen this. closest i got to it was, "they both hate us, good thing they're killing each other".

| i may also be living under a rock, but ive also never seen this

its understandable that you have though because your source is twitter

| I mean you have people like zei squirrel, Rosedark as well as a bunch of queer leftists with palestine flags in bio making wild takes about Pitler being a pan africanist whose taking on the US empire and has plans to liberate Gaza any day now.

| >>1009424 Generally the usual vatniks that buy into the "Kyiv reigme" bullshit and think Ukraine is a CIA backed nazi super power.

| i think you need to stop using twitter and, optionally, touch grass

| >>75e1c4
Just because it's on the internet it doesn't mean it's true. How come you haven't learned this yet? They're bots, trolls and vatniks.


| >>04ca62
Indeed. Everybody in the world are bots and vatniks, only you are Taras Pidorashkins.

| in short; twitter is the problem

| It would be nice through if people in the US political establishment didn't keep guzzling the Russian propaganda slop, at least in the GOP for example on the right.

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This thread is permanently archived