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Anyone else think we can get a president in?

| I think we could get a g/u/rl as president, who's with me? maybe not of america but like. something

| No, thanks

| hell nah

| we can all put our money together and fund mercenaries to take over an island.
Like Bob Denard did with the Comores or how the Phoenix Foundation tried to do in the pacific.
Otherwise I don't see a big chance unless the many russian g/u/rls want to like move to Wrangel Island and announce their seccession while asking for CIA support which will be given to them due to the oil reserves there...

| Lain for president let's gooo

| >>1000418 our representative should be member of angry burg party

| Vote me for the president of jarkata


| Oh no she is Indonesian meme lord

| vote for pomu

| >>1000967 YES

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This thread is permanently archived