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Polish president thread 2

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>Tusk gets pegged by von Leyen anyways
>Thank fuck Duda has some balls against Russia and the EU and Germanies constant bullshit.
He has no mind of his own. He's controlled entirely by his party boss, Kaczynski. He pardoned his friends who are sentenced for corruption for the second time. First pardon was in advance, back in 2015 before they were even sentenced. The second one happened recently after they were in prison for 2 weeks.

| Duda acts as if he has bipolar disorder. One day he talks about working together and making decisions together with the new government. Next day he's scolding them publicly and threatens to disband it and call early elections. Then he talks about cooperation again.
PiS just cannot accept that everyone is sick of their conservative bullshit which lead to libs, people's party and leftists to unite since it was the only way to get the majority.

| Я хочу питсы

| >>1000176 Тиха, пена.

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This thread is permanently archived