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Determinism + Menaning of life and some physical stuffs

| Hi ^^ you may remember my old threads.. but after a while thinking about existentional things i got one concept which i can't really google it.. and i want know what are you personally thinking about it..

Is possible i will tell nonsenses, i didn't study thermodynamics etc. for decade, and is there high chance i have mistakes in my tell, feel free to correct me.

For introduction short explanaition of few definitions in short:

| 1. Determinism = concept that everything is already going to happen and there is no free will
2. Potential energy = energy which objects potentionally have, for example heavy objects are having higher potentional energy than lighter one, mainly connected with gravity
3. Mechanical equilibrium = preference of particles to stay in stable position where energy is 0, for example ball will falling from mountain and will stop on flat land.

| 4. Chaos theory = „random“ small processes which are making large determinated result, for example earthquakes
5. Self-organization/Self-assembly = tendency of not organized systems going to make structured pattern based on interactions

| 6. time (theoretical part) = 4th dimension, if there existed hypothetically another creature in higher dimension, it would be able to see whole universe on paper including with all time events what happened or going to happen. It i salso mean that Time don’t matter since is not exists, our universe would be some kind of Movie which have begin and end merged as simple model but since we are trapped in lower dimension we can’t see it and experience something as time

| 7. Big Bang = begin of expanding of universe and rising entropy
8. conflict of systems / mozivation = i can’t see better word/concept or how speak about it, but closest what i found is probably „Erwin Shrödinger - WHAT IS LIFE? (1944)" and this part: „Living matter evades the decay to equilibrium".

| So in short.. let’s say universe already „happened“, so there is no meaning, things just „are/was“, and time is illusion which make us intepret it as we can. Energy is some kind of „entity“, i don’t want be spiritual or anything, i’m atheist, but maybe everything is trying to get in equilibrium – some kind of ideal state. From particles to large social constructs as countries or cities.

| Cities are made with purpose to make humans in it have everything close and accessable, just as design of computers. Humans are „cities“ for cells and parasytes which also have motivation. Maybe at on lowest level of all of this chain is energy? Why? I can’t tell really, i think meaning is just social construct to follow of these low-level particles to move. I think that small actions as founding of fire or making operation systems in pc was lead to some kind of self-organization.

| Existing corporations, laws, biological defense of human bodies, ways what cells do, nerve system etc. Big Bang can be some kind of „edge“ of time, something as edge of cube, with some characteristics. Why started?

| It can be disorder of nothingness. For example in universe can’t exists „empty space“ because there will be always dimensions in it, and you can’t erase dimensions. I think mechanical equilibrium is key to understanding various things. And because of „conflicts“ which motivate everything to get in own state.

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