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Where are you right now?

| In home on seat?
On some kind of obscure textboard?
In internet?
On planet?
Anywhere else?
Can you describe the place where your body is.. and where your brain is? Is your brain and rest of your body share this place where they are or both of them are elsewhere?

| in my bed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoqQwdnpLuQ

| I'm sitting by my desk in my messy two room flat. The furniture is cluttered with letters, books, medical blisters and unfinished projects. I can see the morning sun shining trough the curtains which means I stayed up too late again.

My mind is thugged, all laced and bugged, all twisted, wrong and beat. A comfortable three feet deep.

| drowning in the shifting sands of time
choking, sputtering, never quite getting there
always a minute away from sweet release

| >>948186

| *lights up a clove cigarette*
*starts up a danzig record*

| >>948197
I like cloves, but I've been on more of a synthwave & folksy country kick lately.

I'm laying in bed listening to the jets roar overhead from the nearby airbase, so close it seems like they're tearing the sky as the scream by overhead. Once in a while they'll come in a little low & rattle my windows. There's a faint bit of blueish light seeping in around the edges of my blackout curtains, despite it being past 10 am. I can smell the fog and humidity on the air, >

| >>948406
> leftovers from the heavy fog that crept in about 2 am last night.

I'm tired, but at the same time infused with a frantic energy I'm trying to put away, I need to be up and moving in another six hours.

| I sort of want a smoke, but not enough to go out to my car and get one.

| You guys really need to touch grass.

| >>948422
I touch grass on the regular, homie.

| >>948422 try embracing the poetry in your soul a bit. Even if you fail at being poetic like this guy>>948406, it's better to try and fail than not try.

| On my bed, coughing my lungs out from COVID and binging video essays :^]

| car

| winning ; thats where i am ; winning at life

| >>948556 real.

| >>948476 covid has gone out of fashion, get some new disease

| >>948595 *infects your mouth*

| Obama infects ur mouth

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