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cyberpunk elements

| I am making a list of all things that are cyberpunk can you help me fill it? here what I got for now:

| neo-tokyo: artificial island in japan on sea side tokyo
psynetic power
ghost in the machine
flying cars
virtual reality
super corporation
illegal market
mechanic body parts
rock star
punk community
aggressive music
alternative life
rare fauna and flora
most fauna and flora extinct
natural sites destroyed/non existent
illegal weapons

| illegal weapons
crypto currency
self conscious AI
high technology
private police/army
earbud translator
black market

The soul of cyberpunk is alienation of the individual in a technologically advanced society in every facet of his life
>he is financially alienated, it's a world of mega rich corporations
>he is personally alienated, relationships have been replaced by paid for AI companions

| *fucks your mouth*

| Don't forget sex workers like Dorothy! RobotGirls and weird accesories!

| >>b80c6b
thank you for helping

| immigration
japanese (mostly text)
compact streets / alley ways
cool umbrellas

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thank you

| plastic wear/clothes

and for some reason there's always a desert right next to the city but it always rains somehow

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there's always a desert right next to the city
this goes only for cyberpunk 2077 and ghost in the shell 245 aoc (something like that) and in bladerunner 2045, do you have other examples? desert doesn't seem very cyberpunk-y to me

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the idea is that one part of the world is highly developed and because of that the rest of the world is drained of its resources, but rarely is it shown

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ergo proxy, Texhnolyze also I think
there's also things on mars like Armitage III or sometimes Cowboy Bebop.

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Also there's the fact that without heavy irrigation, southern California is naturally a desert. Lots of those scenes take place there.

| >>947920 why in the sweet bippity fuck do we do agriculture in southern california

| >>947855
I'm kinda grasping for straws here since you covered most elements in your opening post, but more often than not there seem to be a desert in various cyberpunk stories. Electric Sheep already had the desert, for example. It was even prominent in Snow Crash though it was virtual.

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The Super Mario Bros movie lol. It may not be true cyberpunk but the aesthetic is there.

| >>947921 because there's a market for it. LA started out as the key trading port on the pacific coast and once it reached a critical mass it just sort of became a big city. So people grew food nearby to feed it, starting pre-refridgeration. And that's continued.

We also do agriculture in Arizona despite it being an even worse place for most of it.

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