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started watching lain

| 2 episodes
50 minutes of a bitch looking at stuff like 0_0

| It's... a depression thing.

| >>896193

| >>896202
Also a 90s thing. You probably wouldn't enjoy Ergo Proxy either.

| >>896308
never said i hated it

| >>896333
Oh, my bad. I'm sorry about your depression friend. Life's not all terrible. And regardless of how bad it is, existence is better than non-exitence.

| If you like lain, you can may also like cowboy bebop, akira, gits, evangelion, things from shinji ito and so.. But things from 90s are having some own kind of magic

| >>7e0a53 was lain depressed? I thought she was just a sperg.

| >>896632
/shrug. I'm not a sergeant, just have really bad depression and I found her identifiable.

| Sperg even. Thanks autocorrect.

Sergeant Penguin reporting o7

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This thread is permanently archived