lain re boot

| lain boot re

| #boot failed
>Connecting to SAO services...

| >connection denied
>.....reinitiating connection to The World

| /disconnect
/connect to SAO
>Connecting to SAO servicess

| >*Fucks Your Mouth

| >connection failed
>connecting to wOw.privateserver.besthacks.io

| /disconnect
/connect dangeru.us:8080
>Connecting to Danger/u/...

| >connection approved
Welcome to Dangerous Opinions, Glitch City's only honest chat board.

Don't pretend to be a boy here, we all know better.

| /set gendermask -boy
/set voicechanger -boy:type23
/say "Are you sure that you know better? Can't you see boy when you see it? My name is Natsu- Natsu!"
/set charactername -Natsu

| /ctcp finger Natsu

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