Whats a better movie series, Matrix or Ghost in the shell???

| In the matrix, there is a complicated story and history of the real world that has gone through this cyberpunk apocalypse,...
In Ghost and the shell there is a an already existing cyberpunk japan, and it has a pretty good authority storyline.
i dont know tell me what you think
-vcxl out

| personally, i love ghost in the shell more, but that might just be the good memories i have associated with it. i think both have great storylines and cool universes, i'm just biased towards gits. - quantum

| The first Matrix is the only one that's any good. The rest feels like a bunch of filler action sequenses loosely stringed together for 2 hours. The scenes where Neo and Trininty pilot that ship in the third movie are alright though.

| I think that they are equal.. I really love Ghost in the Shell, also i dare to say that is having more complex story than Matrix (comparing Matrix Movies, i didn't read any book, comics, didn't saw any specials like Animatrix or so, so i can be wrong) but i really love look from special unit solving cybercrimes. Matrix i liked too, also it had best movie effects. But GITS is somehow having really nice environment, and well designed characters.

| About GITS i feel that it is also have more close to realistic interpretation of future technologies. When is mentioned technologies like BCI, i think that GITS predicted it somehow well where will technologies going to continue.
-szui lrq

| i'm so dumb it took me more than a minute to understand what "GITS" meant

| >>894238 it can be worse, for example... GITS: SAC - FAO

| but it's not makes you dumb xd just is there multiple series of gits.. and people just short it because some names are terribly long.. specially gits: sac when is multiple of these xd GITS: SAC - FAO was f2p fps.. which is short for.. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online.. i don't feel surprised that servers was closed, when name is taking over line xd

| I prefer the matrix just because I dislike the depressing trope in asian media of everyone returning to nothing and becoming one with the void/life stream.

The ending to the matrix is corny but it's pretty affirming to life. I'm aware that this take is horseshit but it's based of a vague memory so suck my nut.

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