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Lain X Yuno

| I... need this~


I just wish being lain and have romance with someone like yuno "^^ i have weakness for fanfiction like this xd

i need this crossover xd or fanfiction anything... at least DALL-E is here for me xd

| found when i tried search "Lain Iwakura and yuno gasai kiss "

| DALL-E...... fck I wait when it will can do smth more extreame then kisses

| >>881884 i challenge you, you can try it xd i was trying searching like cuddling together in bed and so.. but results was little uncanny and results was sadly bad.. but this kiss is nice.. just imagine how are yuno and lain together and so.. lain is protected by yuno etc. xd

| My chellenge for DALL-E!
Pomu x Horse

| >>881962 i have something for you here maybe ^^


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This thread is permanently archived