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What if there was a Lain sequel?

| Terrible idea but say it did happen, what plot line would you want or direction in a theoretical sequel?

| Also themes as well to explore.

| Lain touching grass would be rad

| lain in the multiverse of madness

| lain getting her sister back or lain getting together with i forgot that one girl at the end.

Turn it into a SoL psyche. horror.

| lain making tiktoks

| Horror SEL would be cool, although I personally would prefer that the hypothetic sequel of SEL to be slightly more positive and accepting of weird/chaotic human society's behaviours with the incredible tech of hyper internet

| >>865555

| >>865555 dear lain

| >>865556
This I would watch and possibly even enjoy, but a more realistic sequel would be a cashgrab like Serial Experiments Lain 2: Electric Bogaloo

| The realistic possibility is a reboot just like boogiepop, no more confusing plot and interpretations, adapted for the modern anime industry, also no night scene.
Kinda sad

| Just don't make it a Netflix adaptation

| >>865738 this

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This thread is permanently archived