who else here unironically belives in lainism?

| i am one of them

| ye

| I'm absolutely Lainist.

| God is like second-hand lain.

| amazing teach me how

| sort of? I think individual circles of the internet form novel personalities from their conglomerated users. on stuff like twitter or discord, where people have bios and pfps, those manifest as a set of user types/stereotypes, and I think that mode has mostly replaced the central cultural icon that lain would represent. there's a few reasons that lain fans never formed a large group on a big socmed platform. mostly it's cause they're all fucking schizo...

| ... but I don't think you can find lain herself on a discord server or a subreddit. you need an anonymous board or some other homogenization for users to be culturally united, and you need cultural unification to project a single personality.

| I also think the internet might be too big to ever project One Single Lain again. to start with, there's more people, with varying goals. there's more languages. there's more people trying to make the internet useful to them than there are making the internet useful. so I don't believe in lain, or I at least don't believe there is actually still a approximate-entity to call lain. but in the end, I still believe there are spirits in the internet.

| *one approximate-entity

| >>860092 interesting. The way you talk ab entites manifesting from the conglomeration of user is interesting. Its sort of similar to how i see all my gods forming, although i see it happening in everything and not just in people. And im also not sure ab the causality. that being said i still believe in lain. I don't think she really manifests in peoples online presence like that, at least not anymore

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