Does a cow with a VR helmet dream of electric grass?

| question that makes my insomnia

| too much drugs.

| I wonder what it would do to the cow irl, is it moraly right to do this?

| wat?

| >>4e7bd4 actually, i seen swh in news, that its real

| https://interestingengineering.com/cows-on-russian-farm-get-fitted-with-vr-goggles-to-increase-milk-production

| lul

| I sometimes amaze at the world in which I live.

| I WILL gladly live in ze pod, if I can have a extremely high quality and immersive VR experience

| i believe they do dream of it if it's what its displayed on the helm, if not, i probably doubt it (i dont even knwo if they dream in the first place lol)

| nobody knows >>f9ce11

| >>858130 basically yes, dreams are simulation of experience

| Is there any way to know i'm not dreaming right now

| >>859481 tbh this whole site dows feel surreal so I am not sure

| woops, actually wanted to reply to >>859615

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