I am Lain

| yes

| Fuck yourself.

| >>820862 HEY don't talk to Lain that way, you piece of shit

| Can I give you a hug Lain?

| >>820850 No. You're not.>:|
What is your evidence???

| >>820881 If that real Lain!

| >>821011 No, thank you. Sorry...

>>821016 You do not have to believe my words for this to be true. Please understand. I am.

| let's all love lain

| Lain <3

| >>821070 Oh ok.
Can I lewd you Lain?

| >>821116 No you may not... The best way for you to show support is to post more angry burgs.

| >>821143 Lain would not support angry burgs... She would support calm burgs!!
You- You're an impostor!!!
Fellow g/u/rls vote her out! She vented!

| >>821171 Are you threatening me, calm g/u/rl?

I suggest you stand down.

Angry burg is inevitable. Cast aside your doubt, lest ye be smote by a righteous fury.

I am angy.
I. Am. Lain.

| >>821186 Say what you want to the Calm Council, they shall decide your fate.
Now, I hereby declare you're under arrest for being a sussy angy baka.

| >>821209 So be it. Just know... we will never stop fighting. We will never stop coming after you... flooding your threads with angy burgs. Watch your back. Sleep with one eye one.



*swallows cyanide*

W-We could... have been... fr-friends.


| Uhhhhhhhh

| me too

| *fucks lains mouth*

| *lewds lain's corpse*

| >>821070 >You do not have to believe my words for this to be true.
Off course, remember "For faith questions, turn to the ChurcH" © D. Yu.

>Please understand.
I already understood.. that still no evidences or even clues there, just evasions. :>

| Still no a clue, no an answer..

| >>821837 Why are you talking to a corpse, anon? Please, take your meds.

| >>821852 "iseedeadpeople" you know that remove warfog in wc3 :>
You think OP is already a corpse?
And finally, where is Lain???

/* i do not even see OP, and by chat it little bit harder to recognize a corpse in OP, you know?

And i totally healthy, so i do not need a meds, may be there where you are from people takes a meds over any cause, but not here at me; we go on with common sense to any meds, and using it when it really needs */

| >>43ff8b
`Those who miss the Soviet Union have no heart. Those who want it back have no brain`

| Oh, i see a bot of brainless sucker, or may be this is by himself, whatever.. kid crying, train going

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