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seral experments lain the underweb cionspiracy

| lain lived in house but her family was not normal and had weid look but gived her lots of internet things so she was happy and builded computers and robot machines in her bedroom and also had swimingpool on the floor so she was probably rich

but outside something was wrong there was man with sunglass but not sunglass but sci fi sunglasss so he was scary and then they where in her bedroom “we are telephone cops you are under arrest for hacking the internet” said the telephone cops.

| “i will not let telephone cops polic eme!!!” she shed and used electric on water to hurt them real bad “oww that was sore” said telephone cop and he takened out a gun and tryed to shoot her but she jumped out, an window to safety and was safe

“i need to find a cyber cafe to fight them back” lain said but then telephone cop cars with machine guns cahsed her so she wented to swers witch lead to the school she studyed at

| this will do we have a computer class they have computers with internets” lain said and went there to hack the police and then finded out the police worked for the company witch was even more evil and corrupted “the police are the company” she grasped and then turned on the hacking machine to hack them but then comed in class and her mum and dad was there too

| we where police all along and killed your real family to study your hacker power but now you no have use to the police company anymore and must do die!!!!” shouted lains dad who was not her real dad but police but it was to late she hacked the police

“i told wiki about you and now the people know you did bad and will stop you and the corruptiond ies now” lain sad and the police noted there was protest outside “down with company”

| said the protester and the police where arrested by the real police and company was shutted down for breaking laws.

lain then got back her and had new family that was better and let her stay up late and use internet free.

the end

thx u 4 reading my lain fanfictions

| >>808917 he had full body exoskelet armor from nanofiber layer with extra nanobot and xenobot layers right?

I feel happy that she wasn't policed
Please we need next chapter with alice

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