| Out of curiosity, does anyone know or have any ideas as to why Sewerslvt blocked all comments on their videos after uploading a new album? Did something happen? Given the names you might think something went down in their personal life. I'm not sure I've seen them turn off comments on every single vid before.

For those unaware they're an artist with a very unique genre (that I unfortunately don't know the name of) that's very fitting of lain.

| I do think I remember seeing comments on some of their other recent uploads that were wishing them well after something. I'm not familiar with any other way to reach Sewer besides YT.

(P.S. I apologize if this isn't a very fitting place for this question, I couldn't figure anywhere else to ask.)

| So, in their most recent Patreon post Sewer states, and I quote;

"Currently working on finishing up things one way or another, putting together the few last things. waving goodbye & watching it all go before me. I'll keep you updated on my progress when I'm able. things will make sense in time. Thank you."

I guess it's finally the end of their music to what extent, I guess time will tell. Hopefully it all turns out alright.

| I hope they are not talking about ending their life, right?
I've enjoyed Sewerslvt's music for a few years, and it's awesome.
I truly wish that Sewerslvt is feeling okay.

| People have been trolling the guy for a while back when she came out trans. It's been quieter, but time on the internet taught me better. Not really surprised they're ending their online identity. Hopefully not their real one though

| >>802981 wait, is she trans? What kind of trans? mtf or ftm?

| >>802988 don't remember, but I think maybe mtf

| >>803046 Oh ok! I personally think mtfs are cute!

| They posted an album cover of nsfl as an album cover with a kid on it. Flirted with fans despite underages in discord. And adopted far left political beliefs after transition, despite being edgy channer.

Also i think they checked in or are going to check into a psychward?

Made good music for about a year, but is mentally unwell and doesn't look like they have much of a support network outside of lain like adoration on interweb.

Supa sad they really could of made some good stuff

| Ohh. I think I know what happened with Sewerslvt.
I've heard that a close friend of hers commited suicide a few days ago.
And it seems she is ending her musical career. (At least as "sewerslvt")
Maybe she'll keep being alive, maybe she won't make music again, I don't really know.
I wish her good luck.

| Listening to her last album rn. Really sad to see her go and wish her the best.

| From what i understand, Their partner committed suicide sometime this year. That took a big toll on her mental. She explained her depression, thoughts and how she felt about the music and her position as an artist/niche internet celebrity (mainly negative depressed view) in the description of most of her vids throughout many months, though those were all deleted and comments turned off.

I don't think I could do her thoughts and feelings justice with a summary.

| The songs she uploaded 4 days ago are part of her last album, which is solely dedicated to her loved one. Many of the previous songs are an expression of her grief, which is still interpretable by the titles and text in the vids.

| As to the whole "last album" thing,
Nobody knows what comes next. Supposedly, jvne is going on a hiatus until further notice, so she might return at some point. Her music is exceptional. It makes you feel ethereal. It makes you feel emotions that no other medium has evoked before, so i hope that she will return, though that is not up to us. i wish her the very best, and i hope that she can work things out for herself

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