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Cyberpunk things you have on your phone?

| Apps,games,widgets,ecc..

| I have a danger/u/ app, I think that's cyberpunk enough

| I run Kali and use it frequently for information technology hoodlum related activities.

| A lot of apps from FDroid.

| Termux??? Idk...

| Tbh smartphones in general are pretty cyberpunk. Pocket computers that pretty much everyone has and carries around despite knowing that they're basically surveillance devices.

| >>795845
It fits well with the high tech low life style of Cyberpunk. These high tech devices are so easily available that you can just throw yours away and instantly get a new one. That's Cyberpunk as fuck.

And them being surveillance devices isn't that big of a deal for people who knows what they're doing.

| I have this app called Live Camera which is broadcasting unsecured CCTV streams from all around the globe. Sometimes it's Times Square, other times a hotel lobby, and occasionally even someone's living room. You can find online communities dedicated to this stuff, too.

| >>795947 i don't want sound as stalker.. but would you send me link? xd

| My life is isolated with technology.. i'm literally lain

| >>795972 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sigmamarine.webcams

| >>796093 nice app g/u/rl

| Danger/u/

| >>796093 that's an interesting app, idk if it's legal cuz it's clearly invading people's privacy

| >>796259
It's legal but moraly wrong. These cameras are broadcasting openly because whoever set them up configured them erroneously, so you're not breaking any laws by watching.

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