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| lain!

| I miss Lain...

| Is it time to love lain?

| Who the fuck is Lain.

| >>aea51f you don't know who lain is? the fuck are you doing here?

| Yes hello, I am here to be aggressively ignorant of what a Lain is.
Is Lain a type of fruity breakfast snack?

| Lain is a tasty snack 7u7

| Would gladly eat up Lain uwu

| >>790444 ?
>>790730 me, hello.. you aren't supposed to be here
>>791004 no
>>791025 no
>>791492 no

| What is OS preferred by Lain?
How about Arch? Or it should be NetWare?

| >>791608 Copland OS

| >>5114d7 Nah~ Indeed, Mac? It cannot be going seriously. // nice try :D

| I'm new.
What is the best way to start loving Lain?

| >>793027 maybe you could start by watching Serial Experiments Lain first? That was the best(and the first) introduction for most of us lain lovers

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This thread is permanently archived