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| So cyberpunk is dying. What's next? Covidpunk? Just cyberpunk is boring. And with SpaceX's Inspiration-4 crew touching down today, I feel we're already seeing what could be of private space tourism. I give two to three decades until a commercial space port/lunar base.

| Hooray the billionaires get to own space

| Well if they dont who will?

| PostPunk or SpacePunk is what's next.
PostPunk is basically, postapocalypse future with still great tech
And SpacePunk is the "OptimisticPunk" where we are capable of stunning space works, we also are independent of the Earth, and in the end, we become Gods in the civilization Type 4 or 5.

| >>788847 Spacepunk was basically Star Trek. Maybe we'll get a resurgence of shows like that. Solarpunk is a good candidate for 'OptimisticPunk' too, but I feel only it's visual aesthetic has caught attention, and not much thought put into what the narrative could be. Idk much about Postpunk. We had a moment in time where post-apocalyptic stuff was the thing. Maybe a prelude to Postpunk, something like Dieselpunk, will come about instead.

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Yeah that federation sure were a couple of punks, amirite?

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Why the fuck do you think cyberpunk is dying? It's good as ever. It's never been mainstream. There are great media being released constantly. You kight think most of it was made decades ago. YES. Because futuristic dystopian "high tech low life" stories are as old as punk movement.
-punk denotes the punk part. It's not just "flavor of my generation's techno futurism".
I hope you're ironic.

| >>789169 I'm being Schrodinger Ironic, I'm being ironic and at the same time not

| >>789169 Oh no, I meant the board. This board used to have a bit of life in the past, and I loved it then. I'm throwing around ideas to see what sticks with people and breathe life to here again.

I love it when specific techs are explored to its fullest capacity including how it could change society. That's been the wonder with cyberpunk for me. 'Everyone is 'cyber', and megacorps are using that to spy on us!' Turns out that's reality, so it takes the exoticism away from it a bit.

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Maybe it does. Still waiting for my body augmentations and brain uplink.

I feel this board is not very active because it's not active. Why post if noone answers, why answer if noone else posts etc.

Break the mold.

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