Why i exist? And am i always existed?

| If is law of conservation of matter valid, and i'm form of matter, where was all my existence before? and if i exist now, why i won't exist after? If existence is probably natural state in something what we call universe, what was happening with my state? human body is so limiting, i wish to upload my mind in voyager

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| We are all the universe experiencing itself through brief subjective lenses that we understand as living organisms. There is no you in the sense of being a piece of matter of some sort. You are the universe stretching as hard as it can to suck his own energy dick and entropy slowly wears on his spine.

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| I think the matter that made you didn't have conciousness before, and the materials are not very important to your identity, but rather is the arrangement of the matter that you are made of is what makes you "exist".

We're literally just different configurations of the same materials. Arranged in a special way that makes us concious.

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