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Eclipse Phase - Best Transhuman TTRPG

| https://eclipsephase.com/

Has anyone else played? 2E killed it, imo. A lot of fun if you like that cyberpunk jazz and like some tabletop.

Ran a game a while back about an underground ego trader, murdering people and stealing their cortical stacks to make a copy of their egos and enslave them in secret server farms. Was good shit.

| Is this the one where you can upload your conciousness into tanks and airplanes etc?

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Yeah, basically anything. For most tanks and such, they also have a "puppet sock" for remote operation, but pretty much anything with a puppet sock you can upload your ego to.

| I read about this a long time ago and thought it sounded interesting, but no one in my group wanted to try it out, and eventually I forgot its name. It's cool to see that it's still actively developed. I read that the first edition is released under a creative commons licence but I can't find out if it applies to the second edition.

Either way, it looks really cool. I think I might put some effort into finding a group to play with.

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I remember the death mechanics being particularily interesting. Like how you take (permanent?) psychological damage if you "die" inside another body, and if I remember correctly you could also have backups of your character saved in a database somewhere.

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Yeah! The first was. The second isn't, but it really helped fix the workload on swapping morphs. It's worth it, imo.

The mental mechanics are still a thing! And the Backup Insurance is what you get for backing up your ego. Also, always have a current backup of your ego on the cortical stack, implanted at the base of the head. So you can always restore your backup from that if someone recovers it for you. Or just throw your ego on a server as an infomorph.

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