Cool Lain / Wired Inspired Websites

| Let's revive this board! I'll start.




| Good thread but there are not much good looking websites.

| I know one

| I wish there was something like systemspace without the cringe 4chan dudes that ran it.

| there's never any *cool* cults man

| >751118 yeah, me too! I think i did go to their discord once and it wasn't cool at all. They were extremely edgy, cringy and etc. Also trolling all the time. Which kinda destroyed the systemspace vibe for me...

| >>1e102b Exactly yeah, had the same experience. Its a shame because I really enjoyed the 'lore' behind systemspace, and even if it turned out to be one guy off his meds I was hoping the community would at least be chill. Wasn't to be I guess.

| I hope that lain's cult dies.

| >>751222 the fuck is systemspace

| systemspace was run by schizo evil people, not 4chan. They were /pol/ tourists from the elections and gamergate i think. The lore was all copied from a game.

| >>750647 ohh whow, i never heard about dangeru.us, it's looks as pretty cool textboard

| >>751300 lains never dies

| >>751496
yes, you should check it out! it also has other boards besides lain

| >>751515 i just checked it... hey you won't believe it, but they have there this thread too!

| >>751496 I just found this board too, while I was looking for people that love Lain!

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