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Lain is overrated

| "Let's all love lain, let's all love lain, let's all love lain".. but what about Alice? She has really strong personality, and she is so nice Lain.. I do admire people what are having close to Alice.. Honestly i can't like lain.. but it's may because things what i hate on her i hate on myself totally same..

| That's the point g/u/rl, don't be like lain, be like Alice. You can still love lain and be Alice. That's literally what Alice did

| What are you here for? Just to comp/lain/?

| >>746566 i really wish to.. but i'm not able to.. i'm not even able to being shareful as Lain

| >>746684 pffft

| who da fuck is Alice

| >>746963 me

| >>746966
yea? do u want my mother's maiden name and my birthday?

| >>746974 yes please

| >>746963 Alice/Arisu, ( https://sel.fandom.com/wiki/Alice_Mizuki ) you can maybe remember her from this scene https://youtu.be/mB5YeQFw1S4 she is really nice character, with compare to lain

| >>746684
you are a legend

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This thread is permanently archived