Lain on CW

| So after 0 and 10 fell under the CW have aquired the rights to the franchise.

I see they got Rag'n'Bone Man - Human for the trailer music which is interesting.

"After the events of the 1998 alternate timeline Lain(Ruby Rose) is a burned out drug addict, not sure of her past memories but now the past is returning as the world is no longer what it seems. Now it seems the company net time is building wired 3.0 as the sinister Marcus Zimmeberg(Benedict Cumberbatch)is behind it."

| I'm willing to give it a shot but the social media discourse around this show is getting nasty so let's keep things civil.

| I do like David Tennant as the grown up version of the cybria kid

| finally, a proper show for david tennant instead of all the low quality crap he appeard in after doctor who. Hopefully, writers know what they are doing with this one

| I wonder if Alice will return in this and who they got to play her.

| Hypeee

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